Poly Rattan - A Leverage For Hotel Interior Furniture
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Poly Rattan – A Leverage For Hotel Interior Furniture

In recent years, poly rattan products are gradually replacing traditional hand-made rattan ones and other types of interior furniture, especially hotel interior. Thanks to a variety of models and great durability this material offers, poly rattan interior products are becoming trendy, not only for day-to-day use, but also for luxurious hospitality businesses.

Advantage: Texture & durability

What makes poly rattan a preferred material in the furnishing market? Let’s see what benefits this item has to offer:

The elegant look of traditional rattan wicker

The more modern a society is, the greater the tendency of people to gravitate towards nature. This trend includes returning back to the countryside as well as escaping to resorts, homes, or hotels.

Therefore, poly rattan products are favored when it comes to hotel interior. These products carry a homely, frugal beauty and also stunning & elegant look when needed.


Quality enhances durability

The most prominent advantage of poly rattan is the apparently higher durability in comparison with other materials. With top-notch producing technology, the poly rattan fiber which is seemingly fragile can have relatively decent longevity with 3-year of warranty.

Especially with the water repellent, moisture resistant characteristics, poly rattan not only effectively withstand the negative impact of the surrounding environment such as pests, deterioration, etc. but also allow cleaning with ease.

These are the reasons why luxurious resorts & hotels exclusively prefer this texture for making their interior.

Various & Luxurious models suitable for many spaces

With the growing needs of the market, more and more models have been introduced. These models are designed in unique & impressive styles to upgrade your business space with luxury in every detail.

Thanks to various offers in colors, shapes, and sizes, poly rattan products can fit in many types of spaces ranging from mini apartments to large hotels & resorts.

Recommended interior models for hotels

Which models are suitable for furnishing hotels? Below are typical sets usually purchased in the hospitality sector, let’s see!

L-shaped outdoor sofa set RASF-160

Dimension information:
Single sofa: 0,88 x 0,8 x 0,7 (m)
Left sofa: 0,8 x 0,8 x 0,7 (m)
Right sofa: 0,8 x 0,8 x 0,7 (m)
Middle sofa: 0,7 x 0,8 x 0, 7 (m)
Corner sofa: 0,8 x 0,8 x 0,7 (m)
Brushed wooden table: 1,1 x 0,65 x 0,35 (m)

L-shaped outdoor sofa set RASF-160

L-shaped outdoor sofa set RASF-160

With modern design language, L-shaped outdoor sofa set RASF-160 is a hotel interior product that carries unique characteristics of its owner. The set is entirely built by the miracle & professional hands of Vietnamese artisans with years of experience. Additionally, customers can feel free to customize the model including sizes, colors, fabrics, and other requirements.

The chair frames are made of acacia and high quality polyester wicker which allow greater durability, resistant to inflating, crunching due to the impact of weather, high water resistant level, and prevent the termite and moisture absorption.

Dining sofa set with four chairs RADS-073A

Dimension information:
Small round sofa: 0,64 x 0,67 x 0,73 (m)
Big round sofa: 1 x 1 x 0,65 (m)
Round table with glass surface: 0,55 x 0,55 x 0,5 (m)

Dining sofa set with 4 chairs

Dining sofa set with 4 chairs

It is a mistake to look for a poly rattan interior for a hotel without considering the dining sofa set with four chairs RADS-073A. Both the backrest and seat are arc-shaped designed, with thick cushions for comfortable experience.

Black poly rattan strings for hotel interior furniture are knitted in a careful manner, combined with thick cushions which creates the sense of luxury for users. Because of that, this model is usually situated in VIP rooms where it can be used for dining as well as tea time in hotels.

Poly rattan coffee set RASF-181

Dimension information:
Single sofa: 0.64 x 0.67 x 0.73 (m)
Table with glass surface: 0,5 x 0,5 x 0,6 (m)

Poly rattan coffee set RASF-181

Poly rattan coffee set RASF-181

The Poly rattan coffee set RASF-181 is the most wanted for resorts, especially in separate penthouses where a private space for tea and relaxation is included. Normally, this set is placed in close proximity to the private pool of the penthouse.

The compact size and elegant feature, together with the pure white color allow it to have a look of charm from the first glance. The product is ideal for enhancing the traveling experience for those who are in need of immediate relaxation and tranquility when they spend their time in resorts & hotels.

Double-seated poly rattan swing chair RAHM-024

Dimension information:
Standing frame (Iron frame): 1,75 x 1,15 x 1,8 (m)
Swing chair (Aluminum frame): 1,5 x 0,7 x 1,2 (m)
Decoration pillow: 0,5 x 0,3 x 0,15 (m)

Double-seated poly rattan swing

Double-seated poly rattan swing RAHM-024

Communal areas in hotels such as gardens are usually decorated with large swings. Therefore, RAHM-024 is always the first priority when it comes to entertaining people and decorating the area.

The whole frame of the swing (standing frame & swing chair) is powder coated, with guaranteed safety for users. Pillows are not only the highlight for the swing, but also a comfortable backrest for those in need of a soft and comfy feeling.

In conclusion, we hope the aforementioned advantages of poly rattan fiber and some recommended poly rattan for hotel interior furniture models have provided you with useful information for choosing your suitable products.

Common questions about hotel interior:

What is the difference between poly rattan interior and other interior?

Apart from other common interior, poly rattan interior is made of poly rattan fiber, which are manufactured by advanced technology. The high-quality making process allows them to be eye-catching, feasibility to design in various models, and decent longevity. The material can also withstand detrimental impacts from weather, defect termite, moisture, and mould.

Is the poly rattan interior durable?

At ATC Furniture, our frames are made of high quality metal, powder coated, and can withstand intense force. Our products are knitted by hand to prevent rust, deterioration, lengthen usage period while maintaining its charming look even with the impact of the weather.

Where to buy credible hotel interior?

To choose a legitimate supplier, you should pay attention to the experience, age, production scale, and maintenance policy of the brand. We kindly invite you to consider ATC Furniture for the sake of your best purchasing experience, including outstanding product quality and services, especially our full-product 3-year warranty.


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