Refresh Your House With The Resin Wicker Furniture

Refresh Your House with Resin Wicker Furniture

If you are bored with the normal upholstered furniture in the house, then it’s time to change. Meet: resin wicker furniture.

Wait, what exactly is resin wicker?

When it comes down to buying furniture, many readers actually don’t know what the wicker is. It surprises many of them to know that wicker is the name of a weaving process, and not the name of any single material. Wicker furniture is not only applied to natural materials but can be made from any natural or man-made material that is affordable and durable enough to be woven into furniture.

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In order to have something that would last longer, furniture manufacturers came up with an alternative: all-weather wicker, or resin rattan wicker. When woven with polyethylene (in our case, it is High-density Polyethylene – HDPE) resin fibers on a sturdy frame, these chairs and tables are made to hold off the elements, time, and use. They also look very similar to the real thing.

What is special about this resin wicker furniture, is that they’re highly versatile: Not only can they be placed outdoor but indoor as well. With the prominent feature being light-weight, each of the furniture pieces can be moved and arranged as flexible as you want.

Resin wicker furniture for your patio

Patio is a word originated from Spain, it describes a courtyard of a house or building. In modern days, a patio is still a courtyard: an open space but it doesn’t have to be surrounded by walls anymore.

Swing chair or hammock gives a relax and comfortable sensation to your garden

Swing chair or hammock gives a relax and comfortable sensation to your garden

The thing that drives us into building an outdoor area is that it’s a place of relaxation that puts us closer to the nature: plants, trees, scented flowers, small garden ponds and outdoor accessories. But you can’t just casually place your sofa or dining set and outdoor table in the patio and proclaim it your new “outdoor room.” It requires some planning before reaching your hand into the pocket and purchase the furniture.

From furniture to planter resin wicker can do everything for you

From furniture to planter resin wicker can do everything for you

Resin wicker is resistant to weathering. While wood and other similar materials rot if let out in humid weather conditions. Resin wicker tends to be resilient, it can take a shower in the heavy rain or and maintain its shape and color relatively easily under the sun’s strong UV rays.

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An additional strength of resin wicker furniture is how easy it is to clean. Because it’s water-resistant, you can easily hose down your resin wicker material and let them dry under the sun. On the other hand, natural wicker lacks the feature of water resistant, you cannot do the same with a rattan chair without causing potential damage. As a result, for those who prioritize convenience above all else, there may be no better choice apart from resin wicker.

Summing up, for patio furniture & garden accessories, from what we’ve mentioned above, this all-weather wicker has great advantages over other traditional material such as wood, aluminium, steel, iron, natural rattan etc. Depending on your preference, you can buy new, used, or vintage resin wicker furniture. It is important to choose furniture that is green and eco-friendly, if possible.

Should i furnish my living room with this outdoor material?

Apparently there’re no rules forbidding you not to furnish your living room with all-weather poly rattan furniture. In fact, this furniture material poses a vintage look that could drive you out of the ordinary upholstered furniture-boredom.

One very clear advantage resin wicker furniture is the versatility of it. This mean, it can often act as “two-for-one” furniture, in that it can be used both indoors as well as outdoors, if you own a resin wicker chair, you can place it anywhere you like: from living room to balcony or even rooftop. And because you generally don’t have to worry about keeping this material in the rain, you don’t always have to hurry inside when you see dark clouds.

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About styling, to refresh your living room, you should choose your most expensive or favorite item and work around it. For many people, that item might be the sofa. So, buy the best quality sofa you can afford. A sofa is a big investment and you want it to last. Remember, a sofa of average quality should last at least 10 years while a high-end sofa should last up to 25.

Resin wicker furniture is unique and deserves to be the focal point in your living room

Resin wicker furniture is unique and deserves to be the focal point in your living room

Once the living furniture set is in place, the next step is to think about where to place the accessories. Rugs, throw pillows, and artwork can set the tone of an area. No doubt you will have some window treatments and artwork, and maybe a television. Give just as much thought to placing living room accessories as you do to the furniture.

In choosing the accessories: when it comes to an area rug, you do not want to have one that is too small. This is the biggest mistake people make when decorating living rooms. Make sure that all the pieces of wicker sofa set fit on the rug. Ideally, all four legs of the major pieces should be on it, but if this simply is not possible make sure to fit at least the front legs on the rug (the back legs can be off). But all the legs of smaller pieces should be on the rug whenever possible.

A spacious resin wicker cabinet can make everything more convenient in the living room

A spacious resin wicker cabinet can make everything more convenient in the living room

Pillow-wise, use them thoughtfully. Do not go overboard with throw pillows. Choose a few that enhance the piece of furniture and overall look of the room.

Dining with style

In any dining room, the central piece will be the dining furniture set. It is the largest piece of furniture and is generally located in the exact center of the room, where it dictates the style of the room and sets the mood for the dining experience. And very often it is the most expensive piece of dining room furniture you will buy.

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Of the many ways that dining tables from the dining furniture set can be categorized, style and shape are among the most important criteria. It can have an impact on the mood of the room and set the tone for the dining experience, and on the number of people who can comfortably dine around the table.

Acacia wood table and all weather wicker chair are some great choices in the dining room

Acacia wood table and all weather wicker chair are some great choices in the dining room

Also, should you go out and purchase a dining room set, consider your style. You can always choose to be either formal or informal: bar dining set can create a intimate atmosphere for grown-ups. While traditional rectangular table works well for family household.This is by far the most common shape for a dining room table, a traditional shape that works well in early any dining room space. Rectangular tables are available in varying widths to match both wide and narrow rooms, and the length makes it optimal for large gatherings.

Who said you cannot dine on a bar set

Who said you cannot dine on a bar set

Round table suits perfectly for small house. And is one of the best shapes for small gatherings since everyone can see everyone else, conversations are easier to carry on, and the setting feels cozier and more intimate.

Refresh your bedroom with wicker furniture

Of all the rooms in a house, bedroom is the place where you can personalize everything, from bookcase, work table, lighting, to the bed itself! Each of the decoration pieces have its own value to the room owner, even furniture.

Aside from the fixed floor plan, every other furniture can be moved until it suits your taste. Just like living or dining room, bedroom requires some thoughtful planning before setting things up. A lovely bedroom can promote a harmonious flow of nourishing, vibrant and replenish your energy.

If you want to feel the energy of the nature, stay away from the metal bed frame. At ATC Wicker Furniture, we have a very unique material that you cannot find anywhere else: water hyacinth bed.

A standard size water hyacinth bed that connects you with the nature

A standard size water hyacinth bed that connects you with the nature

On top of that, to have a good deep sleep, you should Let go of the TV, computer or exercise equipment in your bedroom. The reason is, bedroom is where you sleep and replenish the vitality after a long day of hard work. Having electronic devices with you in the bed prevents yourself from sleeping early and thus, not having a good deep sleep.

Our small size wicker cabinet can substitute as a bedside table

Our small size wicker cabinet can substitute as a bedside table

Every bed needs a bedside table, or even better if you have space, two of them. That doesn’t mean those tables have to match. There are many items that repurpose beautifully as nightstands. But a proper bedroom has some sort of furnishing next to the bed to provide a surface to hold a lamp, reading materials, glasses, a cup of tea.

In some case, a small size wicker cabinet can be used as substitution for a bed size table. It gives a bit more space for you to store your magazines or even a few pieces of folded clothing. The resin wicker furniture also resists to water spilling. If the room layout is suitable and the bed is large enough, place a table or similar piece on each side of the bed.

To sum up, resin wicker furniture has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its versatility and affordability. Don’t be surprise if you start to see this material in every households in the near future. With this article, we hope you’ll know more about this very useful material, we also hope the provided information will help you refresh your furniture choice for your lovely home.

ATC Rattan Furniture is leading manufacturer and exporter of wicker furniture in Vietnam. ATC Rattan Furniture Manufacturer provides complete outdoor and indoor solutions with high quality products and international designs. As a leading brand name, ATC Wicker Furniture have responded to the demands of an ever-changing market place. After many years working in furniture business, our designers continue to grow and the company to flourish as a market leader as a result of our commitment to the industry.

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With the modern manufacturing factory spanning 30.000 sqr meters and a staff team of more than 200 skillful workers, ATC Wicker Furniture Factory has collaborated with many furnishing projects worldwide. You can find our products in hotels, resorts and households,… ATC Rattan Furniture Supplier always put our efforts into delivering the best solutions to our customers. Contact us now!

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