What is PE rattan furniture Why choose it for outdoor furniture
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What Is PE Rattan Furniture? Why Choose It For Outdoor Furniture?

Find out why PE rattan furniture is perfect for your garden. Different from traditional rattan materials for outdoor furniture, PE rattan furniture has higher durability and is more resistant to external factors. In addition, PE rattan furniture does not require much maintenance. Therefore, PE rattan has become one of the best materials for indoor and outdoor furniture today.

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What Is PE Rattan Furniture?

Rattan furniture is made of rattan wires woven together to form outdoor tables and chairs, commonly used in recent times. Rattan can be natural or synthetic.

Natural rattan is derived from the fibres of a plant related to palm trees, but natural rattan will lose its colour when exposed to direct sunlight and will mould when wet.

On the other hand, polystyrene synthetic rattan, also called “PE rattan”, is woven in a similar but more flexible way, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. In particular, PE rattan can resist ultraviolet rays when exposed to direct sunlight.

Why Choose PE Rattan For Outdoor Furniture?

Since its inception, the products of artificial rattan tables and chairs have partly touched the tastes of consumers. Because this product line has many uses. And it also has great useful features.

Such as moisture-resistant, termite-resistant, non-corrosive, and heat-resistant,… when it’s placed in an outdoor environment.

The most used resin rattan furniture products at present can be mentioned as resin rattan sofa sets, outdoor PE rattan furniture, and swings,…

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The price is much cheaper than wooden furniture.

If you compare the product prices, surely wooden furniture will be more expensive than PE rattan furniture. In addition, furniture made of PE rattan is diverse in designs and colours, making it easier for you to choose products.

The price is much cheaper than wooden furniture

The price is much cheaper than wooden furniture

The price of this PE rattan furniture is particularly suitable for the spending budget of restaurants, hotels, resorts or private spaces at home. If you want to buy outdoor furniture, PE rattan products are a good choice for you.

High Product Durability

Excellent durability, the world calls it weatherproof rattan, made of high-quality virgin resin with long service life. The remarkable feature compared to real clouds is that they can be used in all weather and all climates. It can specifically withstand certain elements of rain exposure and other outdoor elements. This feature is important because it can protect the inherent properties of the material during extreme weather conditions.

High Product Durability

High Product Durability

Easy To Clean And Renew

PE rattan is also very easy to clean and maintain compared to other materials. To clean resin rattan furniture, simply use a soft cloth or brush. In addition, PE rattan items are quite light, so moving them will be a breeze.

Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use

Rattan furniture is well known as the perfect choice for outdoor use. However, many people are now choosing to bring their furniture inside to create a more contemporary look. The excellent material means it works equally well indoors with the natural colours of grey, black or natural brown, making it a calm, elegant and timeless statement.

Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use

Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use

With the rattan fibres adding a warm, casual touch, you can enjoy the outdoor look even when the weather isn’t as sunny as you’d hoped.

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Synthetic materials are significantly more durable and weather resistant than natural products.

However, it is also important to be careful when choosing synthetic material. Each type offers its advantages and disadvantages. Now that you have a good understanding of rattan patio furniture and its UV resistance, you are ready to create the perfect outdoor seating area!

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