Four Things To Know Before Buying Wicker Furniture
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Four Things To Know Before Buying Wicker Furniture

Nowadays, with various designs and materials, it is easy to find and choose the right furniture for our needs. When it comes to outdoor furniture, most people usually think of buying wicker furniture. Let’s find out carefully about ATC Furniture before buying wicker furniture to furnish your house.

What is wicker furniture?

Wicker furniture is products woven entirely by hand on an available frame. Natural wicker furniture products are often made from various vines, grasses or plants. The most popular product is rattan and bamboo furniture.

What is wicker furniture

Wicker furniture can be made from any natural or artificial material, as long as it is durable and sturdy to knit into furniture products. Wicker furniture is used both outdoors and indoors.

The difference between indoor and outdoor when buying wicker furniture.

With the need for outdoor use, users often buy wicker furniture made from resin rattan and resin bamboo. Bamboo and rattan knitting rope is manufactured from synthetic resin with extremely high strength to help withstand long-term use in outdoor areas.

The difference between indoor and outdoor when buying wicker furniture

When buying wicker furniture for the indoor area, wicker furniture from natural rattan or water hyacinth will be much more suitable. Wicker furniture is resistant to the effects of the environment and outdoor weather. They are contributing to ensure durability over time.

The weaving process

Although the materials used may vary, the woven process for natural and resin wicker furniture will be similar. The material used to weave the wicker is run horizontally in an up-and-down pattern between the warp threads to achieve an even, solid piece.

When buying wicker furniture for your home, consider carefully the model, style, and colour that best suits each area of your home and your needs.

Popular materials used in wicker furniture

As mentioned before, synthetic hyacinth, resin bamboo, or resin ratan will be the first choices of high-end outdoor wicker furniture manufacturers. They have high durability, good resistance to UV rays, high-temperature resistance and highly effective dust resistance. Above all, these materials will be absolutely safe for users and environmentally friendly.

Popular materials used in wicker furniture

Furniture made of self-made materials should not be left outdoors and should only be used indoors because humidity and outdoor temperature can easily cause damage after short use. There are three types of materials most commonly used for wicker furniture indoor:

Rattan wicker

Rattan is preferred by many people when buying wicker furniture. This is a material made from a soft, flexible, and malleable tree in many different forms but still strong enough to produce furniture.

Bamboo wicker fiber

Bamboo is less flexible than rattan, but this material can be a perfect choice for a unique look and is much sturdier.

Water hyacinth material

Water hyacinth is a plant common in water areas, after careful processing. It will produce a sturdy knitting wire, suitable for use to create classic interior products and luxurious.

Water hyacinth wicker material indoor furniture

Water hyacinth wicker material indoor furniture

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Caring for Wicker Furniture

When buying wicker furniture whether outdoors or indoors, interior products also need regular care and maintenance. Clean wicker furniture weekly with a soft brush and soapy water without detergent, then use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the wicker furniture. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean deeper in the small slot knit. Use the cover to protect the products when left outside during inclement weather or when not in use. Avoid the use of harsh cleaners and abrasives.

Take care to keep wicker furniture clean. Touch-ups from time to time with a freshening coat of paint or replacing broken strands can keep it looking beautiful for years.

Hopefully, the above sharing will support you have more relevant information to be able to specify and buying wicker furniture that best suits your home and needs.

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