Outdoor Wicker Furniture

With more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting wicker outdoor furniture, ATC Vietnam Wicker Furniture Manufacturer is constantly striving to find out the variation and perfection in both designs and quality. We provide a wide choice of different styles and types, including sofas, dining sets, sun lounger, hanging swing chair and some special craft furnishings as an ideal solution for your home and garden. Not ever stop by that, we are not only a friend but we also a genuine consultant and skillful carpenter to make your customisation come true. For express & relaxed shopping experience, we categorise our products by best selling collections, hyacinth ranges and garden classification. Take a glimpse at our products, find out your interests, show us your dream and demand, we will materialise everything.

ATC Furniture New Outdoor Wicker Furniture Collection

The products from our best-selling collections are recoginised and exploited by more than 40 countries worldwide. These included EU, USA, Canada and Australia – some of the most demanding markets in the world. Thanks to the highly aesthetic designs, internationally qualified materials and timeless durability, products from these collection always own high ratings and positive feedbacks from customers. Obviously, once you choose and use the product, you are never disappointed for your choice.

Patio and garden products are a combination of handwoven furniture which is an optimal solution for your garden. The classic furniture structure has been updated with a modern slimline powder-coated aluminium frame which can be bended and curled to build up variety of body shapes to satisfy the most complex furniture design. In addition, ATC’s material features are cautiously examined and inspected to ensure they are best used for outdoor, for instances, revolutionary fiber, color-fast, stain repellent and all-weather resistant. A mini resort garden & poolside with hanging chair, elegant dining set or sun loungers is not only in imagination. Keeping your belief and being confidence, ATC Vietnam Wicker Furniture Manufacturer can make the impossibility to be possible. Have you ever been lying down in a soft sofa or swinging along the music in your hanging chair set by the garden yard. Give it a shot! You will be definitely get the greatest feelings than ever.

Hyacinth is a gift from the nature with unique shape, natural color and toughness which can be weaved to make a special commercial indoor furniture. This material has some features such as soft, flexible and eco-friendly which have been hunted by most interior designers. Located in the top resouces of this material, ATC Vietnam Wicker Furniture Manufacturer factory operates as both the farming, exploiting and processing role to make sure the high-end furniture sets will be the best from even the material use. This is the main reason why ATC furniture is uncomparable to other competitors for this kind of products. Naturaly, simply but makes a warmy home of your dream.