Stunning Patio Furniture Ideas For A Beautiful Garden

Stunning Patio Furniture Ideas For A Beautiful Garden

Nowadays, the garden areas of each house are getting more and more attention and care. The furniture for this area is also more and more diverse. ATC Furniture shares stunning patio furniture ideas for a beautiful garden that is the most popular and trending trend today through the article below.

Interior samples for beautiful patio furniture ideas

The sofa set 3-1-1 sigma wire.

The modern and luxurious 3-1-1 sofa set with sigma wire is the perfect piece of furniture to use in the reception lounge furniture. It not only brings a luxurious and elegant living room space but also helps the house to be more prominent and attractive.

Interior samples for beautiful patio furniture ideas

Interior samples for beautiful patio furniture ideas

The impressive point of the sofa set is the unique colour change with just changing the point of view which will bring a very impressive experience when using. At the same time, easy cleaning and maintenance will also save you much time, effort and money.

Adirondack wooden relaxation chair

After a busy day with work and life, relaxing moments with relatives and family are the best thing. What’s better than using the Adirondack wooden chair to enjoy comfort and relaxation in the outdoor space?

Adirondack wooden relaxation chair for outdoor areas

Adirondack wooden relaxation chair for outdoor areas

Featuring a unique design that can be simply knock-down from wooden slats to create a chair with wide armrests, and an upright back that can stand firmly on any court surface. The Adirondack chair from ATC Furniture will have a moderate back tilt, although made entirely of wood, it will not cause pain or fatigue for the user.

Convenient poly rattan cabinet

Convenient garden poly rattan cabinet

Convenient garden poly rattan cabinet

In addition to the tables and chairs, an extremely convenient poly rattan cabinet is an indispensable piece of furniture for the garden area of the house.

With its convenience, luxurious design and excellent quality, the poly rattan cabinet will be one the indispensable pieces of furniture for outdoor parties and cafes.

High-leg coffee bar table set

The coffee bar table set has a compact design with two high wooden chairs combined with a wooden table, which is very suitable for areas with limited area. Hand-woven flat rope combined with processed acacia wood creates a set of coffee bar tables set that are well resistant to damage caused by termites, mould or outdoor weather.

High leg wooden coffee bar table set

High leg wooden coffee bar table set

The bar set with elegant neutral colours increases the luxurious and impressive beauty of the table and chairs, and above all, they will unafraid of being outdated over many years of use.

Double rattan swing chair

The outdoor family swing chair will be the place to bring you moments of relaxation next to your beloveds after a hard-working day. The semi-classical style poly rattan swing chair is equipped with a canopy that both makes the space more impressive and helps you avoid direct influences from the environment.

Double rattan swing chair with canopy

Double rattan swing chair with canopy

Although it is a double design that can be used by many people at the same time, the swing chair does not take up too much space. The sturdy swing frame withstands a massive weight to ensure absolute safety for all ages to use.

Outstanding features of garden furniture from ATC Furniture

ATC Furniture always strives and improves products in terms of quality, design and style. Always keeping up with trends and launching unique outdoor furniture models.

Choose to use poly rattan and poly bamboo wires with high durability, and very good resistance to mould and damage. In addition, with extremely good UV protection, interior products are always durable in all weather conditions and outdoor environments.

The product frame is made from high-grade aluminium with powder coating, ensuring absolute certainty and safety when used.

The optimized, compact and easy-to-assemble designs save much space as well as make it easier to move and arrange.

Outdoor furniture manufacturer ATC Furniture

With more than 16 years of development in the field of manufacturing and supplying outdoor furniture, and garden furniture. ATC Furniture always gives customers products of the highest quality, ensuring to satisfy all customers who have trusted and chosen ATC Furniture.

In particular, many promotional programs take place continuously throughout the year, which will also be a great opportunity for customers to own quality furniture at preferential prices or gifts and services other very attractive.


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