ATC Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer A 17-Year Journey Of Growth
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ATC Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer: A 17-Year Journey Of Growth

ATC Furniture is one of the leading outdoor furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam and is popular in many countries in the world. ATC Furniture is an address that offers a wide variety of products that blends traditional artisan crafts with contemporary designs so that you can choose the furniture suitable for your space. Let’s look at the ATC Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer: A 17- year journey of growth through the following article.

ATC Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

History begins of manufacturer ATC Furniture

Established on July 3rd, 2006, ATC Furniture is known as a shop that manufactures and supplies interior and exterior with water hyacinth, poly bamboo, and resin rattan,… with 20 workers working on an area scale 500m2 at 268B Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 3, City. Ho Chi Minh. At the same time, also this year, the ATC factory was built in Cho Moi, An Giang.

147 Nguyen Van Huong St The New ATC Furniture Showroom Space

147 Nguyen Van Huong St The New ATC Furniture Showroom Space

In the early days of the establishment, there were still difficulties and challenges, but with the courage to not back down, all members of ATC Furniture worked with all their aspirations and responsibilities to create a constantly growing ATC Furniture strong over time. Up to now, ATC Furniture has owned a modern sales showroom at 147, Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, and Thu Duc, and a factory of more than 30,000 m2 with hundreds of skilled and professional employees.

ATC Factory

ATC Furniture factory only had an area of 5000m2 and production capacity was not very high in the early days of its establishment. After 17 years of development and gradual change, the ATC factory is following an almost closed production model when there are full areas for each stage of production from raw materials to finished products and product packaging. With the large space of the ATC factory, although divided into separate production areas, there is a convenient and easy connection between areas.

Production areas of the ATC factory

Wooden warehouse with large capacity, ventilation, and specialized machines combined with modern electric drying oven. Ensure the wood processing process from natural round logs to raw materials of the highest quality standards.

The aluminum frame production area is no less than the carpentry workshop with the essential machines always invested and upgraded. After the finished product, the frame will be put through the powder coating area to paint the color according to the customer’s request.

The knitting area is the place to create impressive and unique resin rattan furniture. A spacious, airy space with full support equipment will help the knitting craftsman create products that satisfy the most demanding customers.

The knitting area is the place to create impressive and unique resin rattan furniture

The knitting area is the place to create impressive and unique resin rattan furniture

Using specialized outdoor materials such as water-skiing fabric, anti-collapse mousse combined with the meticulousness and care in each needle of the experienced tailors. All have produced pillow products that achieve the most perfection and are most suitable for each set of resin rattan furniture products.

The cushion sewing area is also invested with a full range of specialized equipment for production

The finished product warehouse space has just been built and has been upgraded by ATC with a large area that will store many interior products. The cool and large packaging area makes the packaging process, moving the product easier and more convenient.

The finished product warehouse space

The finished product warehouse space

Office and showroom at ATC factory

An especially feature of ATC Furniture Factory is that it has its own showroom space to display modern and beautiful products. The large showroom space with many different models of interior products attracts many customers to visit the factory.

The wonderful office is not only reflected in the impressive layout but also a place that brings comfort and stimulates the working spirit of employees. Modern, luxurious offices can cover a large part of production areas. Help the factory management easily grasp the difficulties in the production process and promptly support and help.

Modern and Impressive Space of ATC Furniture Showroom in Thao Dien Ward – Thu Duc City

Besides bringing quality furniture products, ATC Furniture also innovates itself every day. At 147 Nguyen Van Huong – Thao Dien, a new ATC showroom space with stylish garden corners is decorated with impressive and characteristic furniture. And the indoor space is decorated with luxurious and attractive interior products.

Thu Duc New Furniture Showroom ATC Furniture

Divided into two separate exhibition spaces, the outdoor display area with a green and modern garden will bring great experiences to customers. Many garden corners are designed to create different styles and are decorated with appropriate furniture sets that will be great suggestions for customers when visiting and shopping.

The modern and luxurious space in the indoor display area is invested in and cared for to the smallest detail, even the decorative products. Here are decorated with impressive relaxing beds and unique sofa sets with many different materials that will help customers get the best experience.

Manufacturer ATC Furniture in the 17th year

With the experience accumulated over the past 17 years, along with non-stop innovation and creativity to bring quality interior and exterior products, and are trusted by many customers and partners. Over the years, ATC Furniture has been a wicker furniture supplier for many large and prestigious domestic and foreign customers such as Highlands Coffee, Mia Resort Nha Trang, Hotel & Resort Pullman, Keppel Land, Village Pho Dong, …

ATC Furniture Beach Restaurant Hotel Project

The ATC wicker furniture products also regularly participate in major exhibitions such as VIFA-EXPO, INTERNATIONAL FAIR SINGAPORE, VIET BUILD, VIET STYLE, … Up to now, these products branded ATC Furniture has been present in many countries around the world like Japan, Korea, USA, Australia, Russia, …

ATC Furniture Team At Vifa Expo 2023

ATC Furniture has always been constantly developing and innovating to become the leading manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam in the field of interior and exterior water hyacinth, rattan, and plastic bamboo. Furniture ATC Furniture comprehensively meets the needs of indoor and outdoor space decoration with high-quality products with international standard design.
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ATC Furniture

Hotline: (+84) 94 5670880
Address: 147 Nguyen Van Huong St, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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