Patio Garden Living Room 3 Tips For A Beautiful Design

3 Tips For Creating A Beautiful Garden Living Room

You want to have a living room as the garden, why not? Garden living room to help each home blend with nature is considered a new and popular trend in modern life. Let’s find out 3 tips with ATC Furniture to help decorate and choose available items for your room more attractive.

To create a garden living room with a natural and idyllic breath – Sofas, swings chair in natural wood or poly rattan are excellent choices.

Brown Rattan Outdoor Patio Sofa Set Tempered Glass For Garden Living Room

With a modern and sophisticated design, the synthetic rattan sofa set brings luxury and charm to your living space, but exudes closeness and intimacy, as poly rattan looks similar to rattan ropes in nature.

Brown Rattan Outdoor Patio Sofa Set Tempered Glass

Brown Rattan Outdoor Patio Sofa Set Tempered Glass

Natural color tones such as natural rattan rope combined with the neutral and soft colors of the seat cushion will create a green space and make us feel this space more intimate and idyllic.

Due to the need for outdoor use, the weather resistance criterion is the highlight of this sofa set. We are completely safe with the ability to resist rain, sun or UV.

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Popular Outdoor Bamboo Egg Shaped Swing chair

Not as simple as the shape of today’s swings – fancy shape – the egg is the first attraction of this lovely swing.

Outdoor poly bamboo egg shaped swing chair, with a modern style combining nature, the egg swing feels like being wrapped inside an egg, providing a warm and safe feeling. It looks like natural bamboo, but poly bamboo is higher quality, more durable and comfortable to use for outdoor decoration.

Popular Outdoor Bamboo Egg Shaped Swing Chair

Popular Outdoor Bamboo Egg Shaped Swing Chair

The swing chair is also equipped with a thick and smooth cushion sewn with a high-quality outdoor water-resistant fabric, which makes the swing chair easy to clean and maintain. Keep its appearance always in the best condition.

With a small and compact design, it is suitable for the living room space of many modern families. Feel free to decorate with plants or other items without worrying that this swing chair will take up a lot of space.

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Outdoor Relaxing Papasan Chair

Relaxing moon chair is no longer strange to believers who love to decorate living space. This is not only considered a great chair to relax after a hard working day but also a design to help decorate the garden living room more prominently.

Outdoor Relaxing Papasan Chair

Outdoor Relaxing Papasan Chair

The papasan chair is made from powder-coated aluminum with imitation of natural rattan rope, making the product more durable, beautiful and convenient to use.

Besides, the seat cushion of the chair is considered an attraction because of its smoothness and comfort for consumers. The mattress is 20cm thick with soft cotton, foam, and the outside is a specialized outdoor fabric to help increase the comfort of the mattress surface.

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Quickly bring the great designs if you are looking for a beautiful and green living space

Wishing to always bring the best poly rattan outdoor sofa sets and swing chair to every home, over the past 16 years, ATC Furniture has constantly researched and improved to bring you the best designs and the best quality. In addition, you will always receive the most dedicated and thoughtful support to find the right product.

Come to ATC Furniture to experience the latest and most beautiful garden sofa sets, swing chairs and papasan chair for your garden living room!

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