A balcony is a stage anticipating from the mass of a building, bolstered by segments or support sections, and encased with a balustrade, for the most part over the ground floor. A unit with a regular balcony will have doors that open up onto a small patio with railings, a small Patio outdoor garden. Or a false balcony, with doors that open to a railing with a view of the courtyard. The balcony furniture is a type of patio outdoor furniture but they are designed for small balconies. Balcony furniture is made of many different materials such as outdoor specialized wood (etc. teak, acacia), PE / Poly rattan, metal like iron or aluminum, waterproof fabric…. At ATC Wicker Furntiure Manufacturer Factory, they are usually made from powder coated aluminum frames and woven by outdoor synthetic rattan fibers. They are small in size, suitable for all narrow balconies of the urban house.