7 Arrangement Outdoor Furniture Trends In 2023
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7 Arrangement Outdoor Furniture Trends In 2023

ATC Furniture would like to introduce 7 arrangement outdoor furniture trends with luxuriously designed exterior decoration products that are popular in 2023.

Outdoor sofa models and sunbeds wicker with HDPE rattan or rope are popular at ATC Furniture. Regardless of the size of the space, the primary outdoor furniture trends is to be comfortable and attractive, and able to replicate your favourite vacation spot.

Outdoor Round Rope Sofa Set

The sofa set will help make your outdoor living room space luxurious. The round ropes are hand-woven and finely finished, making the sofa set look stunning in any decor space.

The simple design, quality and elegant colour make the sofa set modern and luxurious in your living room space.

Outdoor Sofa Ropes Wicker

Outdoor Sofa Ropes Wicker

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Poly Bamboo Dining Set

The outdoor dining set is made of poly bamboo when used to create a comfortable and peaceful feeling for the family. In addition to the simple but no less luxurious design, the dining table set will become impressive and attractive in your home space.

Outdoor Dinning Chair Mix Marterials

Outdoor Dinning Chair Mix Marterials

Specialized outdoor materials are used to make the dining table dustproof and highly durable. It will save you a lot of time and money on cleaning.

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Outdoor Bamboo Swinging Chair

The swing chair uses high-quality outdoor speciality materials and combined with the bamboo weave pattern, the cage openings help bring a sense of natural comfort to customers.

The benefits that the swing brings are many. Science has shown that a gentle rocking action can help you gently relax and fall asleep easily.

Outdoor Bamboo Swinging Chair

Outdoor Bamboo Swinging Chair

Poly Bamboo Round Sunbed

The round sunbed with a large surface will help the family after tiring working hours to have moments of relaxation and comfort in the cool space of the garden.

Outdoor Round Sun Lounger Poly Bamboo

Outdoor Round Sun Lounger Poly Bamboo

The sunbed is woven from poly bamboo wire and uses premium materials like Sunbrella water-resistant fabric, making it comfortable for the whole family to use. Plus, the materials will make it easy to clean and maintain.

With a modern design suitable for spaces such as swimming pools, resorts, and luxury villas.

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Outdoor Umbrellas

Umbrellas are an essential feature because they protect you not only from the rain but also from the sun. Too much sun is not good for the body. Its ultraviolet rays are known to damage the immune system, eyes, and skin.

Matters worse, cases have been reported where too much exposure has led to cancer.

Homeowners now understand the attendant risks of this influence, which is why the need for outdoor umbrellas is a new trend.

Indoor – Outdoor Coffee Bar

The coffee bar set is made of a powder-coated aluminium frame making the set sturdy. In addition, the water-resistant fabric makes the kit resistant to moisture.

The coffee bar set is a must-have in the garden because, after a tiring day’s work, you can have tea and relax with your family and friends to reduce stress and be more comfortable.

In addition, the bar table set uses high-quality materials, designed so that your family can place them in the garden or anywhere in the house.

The Place That Offers The Best Outdoor Furniture Products

ATC Furniture is confident to be the place to provide the most prestigious outdoor and indoor products with over 16 years of manufacturing experience. In addition, many customers trust ATC Furniture because they always put satisfaction and quality first.

Excellent, up to 3-year warranty policy and many promotions help customers feel more confident in choosing and owning products at ATC Furniture.

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