Great Tips To Decorate With A Living Room Furniture

A living room is often the first room we decorate and the first room we show new guests during a tour. But it doesn’t necessarily mean we cannot welcome our guest in an outdoor environment. A beautifully decorated guest welcoming area can both draw your guests in and opens an intimate environment. Either way, there are certain issues that always come up when trying to arrange furniture  for a guest welcoming area both indoor and outdoor living room. Check out these tips for placing living room furniture in your area.

Living Room Basics

There are a few important things to remember when arranging furnitures for a comfy living area:

Conversation areas are needed for a reason, use the living room furniture and your imagination to create them. You should arrange the furniture properly so that people should be able to comfortably talk to each other without twisting their necks or shouting. If the room is particularly spacy, you may want to create a few different conversation areas rather than leaving the room unoccupied.

Detach the furniture away from the walls. Having all the furniture backs touching the walls is one of the most common habits of many people, but sometimes it doesn’t prove to be the only way to go. Instead, let’s place the pieces closer together, so they can create a more intimate setting. As long as the backs of the pieces are finished (which most of them should), there’s no reason not to show them off.

Living Room Furniture: Sizes and Placement

When it comes to living room furniture, size matters.

Sofas and Chairs – These are often the hit or miss items, so it’s important to make sure that they suit the space. The most important thing to do is to measure the space before spending on any of these pieces. You don’t want them to be too big or too small, so it’s best if you take some time to think about their positioning on a floor plan. Try putting the sofa and chairs in a few different spots and see what works best visually and in terms of having space for people to walk around easily.

Great Tips To Create A Guest Welcoming Area

Great Tips To Create A Guest Welcoming Area

Side Tables – Many people often take side tables lightly, but they’re important. The number you need will depend on the number of sofas you have. Everyone should be able to comfortably put their drinks down without having to get up and walk over to a table. Try placing one on either side of the sofa or between pairs of chairs. The key is to have enough surface space without filling the room with side tables, because most of the time they’re likely to function as a convenient object rather than aesthetic. The tables should be approximately the same height as the arm of the chair or sofa they’re next to.​

Coffee Tables – Coffee tables are common pieces that are often found in the center of conversation areas. Shape-wise, many people often go with a rectangular one as it holds more items on the surface. But no matter the shape, one remember is that The length of the table should be more or less one half to two thirds the length of the sofa. Also, the height should be slightly lower than the seat height of the sofa and chairs around it. People sitting around them should be able to lean over to put down or pick up a drink without having to get up from their seat. At the same time be sure to leave enough leg room between seats and tables: 30 to 40 centimeters should do the trick.

Acacia cafe table of wicker outdoor sofa set

Acacia cafe table of wicker outdoor sofa set

Living Room Furniture Accessories

Once the furniture is in place, the next step is to think about where to place the accessories. Rugs, throw pillows, and artwork can set the tone of an area. No doubt you will have some window treatments and artwork, and maybe a television. Give just as much thought to placing living room accessories as you do to the living room furniture.

When it comes to an area rug, you do not want to have one that is too small. Make sure that all the pieces of living room furniture fit on the rug. Ideally, all four legs of the major pieces should be on it.

Pillow-wise, use them thoughtfully. Do not go overboard with throw pillows. Choose a few that enhance the piece of furniture and overall look of the room.

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When hanging art in a room, avoid the most common mistake people make: do not hang the artwork too high, instead, hang them at eye-level. People have a tendency to hang art closer to the ceiling than it should be. This goes for every room in the house. Obviously, this varies from person to person, so use your judgment.

Outdoor Living Room

When you are decorating your home, it is easy to forget about the potential of outdoor living room. For most people, they are a scaled down and more casual versions of what’s going on inside the house, this explains why many of us often opt for a relaxing area that lean over to the nature theme. In general, all the tips and tricks for indoor decoration work just as fine for outdoor area. Whether it’s the job of a professional or a design-it-yourself project, assess your yard and think about what you’re doing before you reaching your hand to the pockets.

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What to Consider

The thing that drives us into building an outdoor area is that it’s a place of relaxation that puts us closer to the nature: plants, trees, scented flowers, small garden ponds and outdoor accessories. But you can’t just casually place your sofa or dining set and outdoor table in the patio and proclaim it your new “outdoor room”. Think about these things first:

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Outdoor Living Room Furniture Wicker Sofa Set

Outdoor Living Room Furniture Wicker Sofa Set

Size: Does the outdoor room take up the whole yard? Is there space for other activities for other household members, like children’s play equipment, a grill, an herb garden, etc.?

Shading: Umbrellas are a prominent furniture piece when it comes to shading. One big plus from umbrella is that they come in all different colors and patterns, choose one that creates a color splash in your surroundings. Use a brightly colored patio umbrella as a focal point. Awnings can also provide much-needed shade as well as a pop of color.

Location: Is the area convenient to the house, for quick trips to the kitchen or bathroom?

Budget: A well-designed outdoor room with carefully chosen vintage and repurposed furnishings can look just as good as a room with an unlimited budget.

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Coloring: Your patio needs color as much as your living room does, and that color doesn’t need to come from your plants alone. Try introducing more color through your outdoor furniture and decor, and let it complement a colorful garden. You can also choose to add colorful furniture to accent or anchor a more neutral toned garden.

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Overall, if you can decorate and furnish an indoor area to welcome your guest, there should be no problems whatsoever to create one for the outdoor. We hope you find the ideas in this article useful everytime you wish to create a guest welcoming area for yourself.

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