Garden furniture, additionally called porch furniture or open air furniture, is a sort of furniture particularly intended for outside utilize. It is commonly made of climate safe materials, for example, aluminum which does not rust. The most established surviving cases of garden furniture were found in the patio nurseries of Pompeii.

The most regularly sold types of outdoor sets are made of PE rattan, water resistant wood, aluminum, synthetic wicker, and fashioned iron.

Wicker outdoor living furniture was initially produced using the stems of any of 600 types of palms found in tropical areas everywhere throughout the world. The palm stems were firmly woven into interlocking boards, and shaped into the coveted structure. Presently, most current wicker furniture is produced using engineered sap, expanding the future and decreasing assembling costs. The present tar furniture is frequently made of reused plastic and fantastically solid, for the most part conveying guarantees of 20 years or more. It can be moulded to resemble real cane or rattan.