vietnam outdoor wicker furniture manufacturer

Vietnam Patio Outdoor Wicker Furniture manufacturer and supplier

ATC Furniture Corp is a Vietnamese wicker furniture manufacturer of commercial wholesales furniture which is made from poly rattan and water hyacinth. Currently ATC products have presented in more than 40 countries all over the world. As a trusted supplier in commercial wholesales furniture, we take pride in our ability to design unique collections from classic to rustic or bright and bold.

Vietnam patio outdoor rattan furniture manufacturer

Vietnam patio outdoor rattan furniture manufacturer

Rattan furniture supplier showroom

Vietnam rattan furniture supplier Showroom

Wicker furniture supplier from vietnam - Showroom

Wicker furniture supplier from vietnam – Showroom

Why choose ATC Wicker Furniture Manufacturer Supplier?

Not only do supply special and high quality products, ATC also offers good customer service in all aspects. We ensure commercial wholesales products are delivered on-time. Moreover, The innovation for each steps in production are constantly applied to meet the requirements of commercial wholesales business. From weaving, treatment to packing and loading, all steps have been meticulously supervised to the best before customer receives.
Up to now, without stopping at the far-reaching brand on commercial wholesales furniture worldwide, ATC has step-by-step dominated domestic market. There are many international brands using ATC products for their business, such as Pullman, Starbucks, intercontinental hotel & resorts, Highlands coffee, caffe bene, Keppel land…

Therefore, picking up your phone and getting in touch with us to easily bring home a new member in your artistic outdoor space.

ATC Furniture.

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