wicker outdoor furniture collection


Getting a good wicker outdoor furniture set is not very difficult; however, there are a couple of things that need to be considered carefully.

The weaving of wicker outdoor furniture

Resin wicker used in wicker outdoor furniture is usually  synthetic resin; however, there are a wide range of resin, including: polyethylene, nylon, PVC, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).  HDPE is the most sturdy material. Other attractive qualities of HDPE wicker are its resistance to fading in sunlight, stain resistance, and a natural-looking matte finish. A few producers utilize polypropylene instead of polyethylene rattan. This is a less expensive however less durable material.

When looking for rattan patio furniture, you had better consider the kind of weave you want– flat, narrow round or even half round. The flat rattan is considered as the lightest of the bunch and considered standard among the business. Narrow round is a significantly heavier item that will last longer than the standard flat weave. In addition, there’s an extensive variety of colours and textures available, so you can choose the one which can reflect your personality as well as improve your living place.

wicker outdoor furniture weaving style

wicker outdoor furniture weaving style

Besides, wicker outdoor furniture is hand-woven and weaving rattan is troublesome.  A good weaver reliably weaves tight and straight. A tight weave supports weight better and lasts a lot. You should look carefully and try out sitting on furniture to make sure that it gives you a sense of comfort

The Frame

Since it does not rust and is a lightweight material, aluminum is a prevalent option with regard to the frame of rattan patio furniture. However, a few producers utilize aluminum that is too thin or of a low quality for their products. As a result, the furniture cannot be in good weight-bearing condition. For this reason, it is essential to search for the wicker outdoor furniture sets with an aluminum outline of at least 1.2 millimetres in gauge. Besides, stainless steel is also used to make the frame for the products with an aim of saving money. In spite of durability, it will rust with the passage of time. So, in general, aluminium is still better.

The wicker outdoor furniture cushioning

There are two fundamental sorts of foam which are used in wicker outdoor furniture: regular foam sponge, and “sandwich” foam. Utilizing the former helps minimize expenses and this material is reasonable for things that will be occasionally in use. The latter is quite more sustainable because being made from both foam layers and a material called dacron.

wicker outdoor furniture cushion making

wicker outdoor furniture weaving style

Remember to avoid the cushioning produced from low density foam because they will not give you enough comfort or support.

The fabric

Polyester is a typical material utilized for cushion in wicker outdoor furniture. However this material can fade in exposure to the sun. Therefore, despite having weather resistant characteristics, Polyester fabric needs using only in the areas without exposure to extreme sun shine as well as taking inside when not in use.

wicker outdoor furniture collection

wicker outdoor furniture sofa collection

In comparation with polyester, 100% acrylic fabrics are weather resistant for a longer period of time. They will however fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight in a long time. So you had better cover  acrylic cushions or keep them under shade to prolong the life of the fabric and keep it looking fresh and vibrant for many years. 

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