Foldable furniture for tiny balcony

Small Balcony Furniture for a Lovely Tiny Outdoor Space

You always want to enjoy a great time in every place of the house, in and out. Unfortunately, your balcony is too small? Worry not. There are lots of outdoor furniture available for creating your own tiny balcony style but still space saving and enjoyable. Let’s take a quick look at some small balcony furniture for your charming tiny spot.

A low outdoor cushion

If your tiny balcony can’t fit anything but seating, consider putting a low cozy cushion with pillows. This small balcony furniture, with simple outlook, comfy stuffed pillows, and space saving size will make your stay last longer.

Foldable furniture

Foldable furniture for tiny balcony

Foldable furniture for tiny balcony

If you want to have a multifunctional balcony, use foldable outdoor furniture. These small furnitures are perfect for a tiny balcony. You can set these aside for a free balcony deck. When friends surprisingly visit and your indoor is not ready, simply unfold table and chairs for an enjoyable gathering time outhouse. Or you can create a private lounging spot by just unfold the chair and throw some comfy pillows on it.

A small bistro set

A small bistro set for your small balcony

A small bistro set for your small balcony

Though you can’t have a romantic dining experience on your small balcony? This small balcony furniture can prove that you’re wrong. A small bistro dining set, with aesthetic design and space saving size, can be your next dating place on your tiny balcony.

A hanging dining table

Another small balcony furniture you should consider is a modern hanging table. Make use of your balcony railing by hanging a small outdoor dining table on it. This idea can save your space without ruining your dining time outside.

An outdoor hammock

Hammock hanging chair for outdoor small balcony

Hammock hanging chair for small balcony

Nothing more relaxed than swinging your tiredness away on a comfortable hammock. Your next small balcony furniture can be a single hammock hanging on the corner or a hanging chair on a stand. Throw yourself on this irresistible outdoor hammock and you will never want to leave.

Synthetic rattan wicker furniture

Small balcony furniture poly rattan wicker sofa set

Small balcony furniture poly rattan wicker sofa set

Outdoor space like balcony should have durable outdoor furniture that can stand the harsh weather. That’s why synthetic wicker furniture is your must-have for outdoor spaces. On your small balcony, you can put a mini sofa woven by all-weather wicker for a space saving solution. The elegant appearance, the trait of weather resistance and the comfy seating can create heavenly spot right on your small balcony.

A wooden pallet

This unique, country-like outdoor furniture can fit with any outdoor room, including your balcony. This wooden pallet is stackable and can be customized to be smaller for your limited space. You can create pallet chair or pallet table or even both. Increase the coziness with cushion and pillows. Enjoy the view from this small balcony furniture.

These noticeable outdoor furniture ideas should be on your list when choosing furniture for your tiny little balcony. We hope this can inspire you to transform your small balcony into a comfortable and charming home retreat.

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