Elegant casual outdoor sofa set RASF-197

Single Sofa 100 110 77
Triple Sofa 205 110 77
Coffee Table (Acacia Wood) 90 90 35

Product dimensions:

Single Sofa: 100 x 110 x 77 (cm)
Triple Sofa: 205 x 110 x 77 (cm)
Coffee Table 90 x 90 x 35 (cm)

With the RASF-197 elegant casual outdoor sofa set, the classic home-style design gives customers the feeling of returning to the 1990s. The cube-shaped design brings a sense of rigidity and brings the beauty of the rudeness, firmness and strength. Powder-coated metal frame provides sofa sets with high durability and good bearing capacity.

Covered with poly rattan, interwoven together to create a unique look for tables and chairs, This Poly round rattan fiber is ATC’s exclusive fiber that brings pride to this product. The casual outdoor sofa set is designed with comfortable seats and is equipped with thick, soft cushions to provide the most relaxing experience for the occupants.

Specialized outdoor materials are used such as powder coating aluminum frame, Outdoor special poly rattan fiber, water-resistant fabric and specialized outdoor wood so that tables and chairs can withstand the harsh weather conditions of the outdoor area. In particular, the anti-fouling feature on the product makes cleaning extremely easy, saving effort and maintenance costs.

This wicker furniture set is a mix of warm and classic colors like earthy brown and white gray to create an elegant and soft appearance. RASF-197 is a garden poly rattan sofa set with many interior decoration styles ranging from classic to neoclassical, from simple style to style with installation art direction … of every house. This wicker sofa set is suitable for decorating in different spaces in your house, both indoors and outdoors. Anywhere, it can become a perfect highlight, such as living room, terrace, balcony, garden, pool area …

The simple but unique appearance of the wicker furniture makes it stand out despite being placed in any space. From gardens, apartments, townhouses, cafes .. to restaurants, hotels, luxury resorts…

All Weather Materials: 8mm Round HDPE wicker fiber, powder coated aluminium frame, outdoor wood, water resistant fabric, 10cm thickness cushion (250g), piping.

•Pieces Included: 2 Single Sofa, 1 Triple Sofa, 1 Cafe Table (wooden surface).

•Seating Capacity: 5.

•Durability: Water Resistant, UV Resistant, Weather Resistant.

Round Rattan And Wood Material Outdoor Furniture

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