Introducing Cottage Wicker Furniture to Your Home

Cottage style is mostly found on country campsites or lakeside houses. However, you can bring this cozy style to your own home, even if it’s located in a busy city or high apartment. Cottage wicker furniture comes from cozy and atc furniture and furnishings, pastel colors and some rustic factors. There are many ways to bring this style to your house. Take a good look at some simple decorating tips to transform your apartment into a cozy cottage home.

Introducing Cottage Furniture to Your Home

Introducing Cottage Style to Your Home

Colors in cottage wicker furniture

Introducing cottage furniture to your home

Neutral or pastel colors are primary tones in cottage style. Some soft founds like beige, white, blue or yellow can create a warm feeling to your living area.

Colors in cottage style living room

Try the basic first and then later add more color and pattern. The harmonious outlook of surrounded walls, furniture and pillows make a cozy and attractive cottage style room.

Furniture and furnishings

Use wood, wicker or wrought iron furniture to bring in the rustic cottage style. These types of furniture with a neutral tone and natural look will immediately turn your home into a country cottage.

Cozy rattan wicker furniture

Cozy rattan wicker furniture

Another possible option is to repaint your current furniture to give your house a refreshed look.


Cottage style through pillows

If you like upholstered furniture, choose neutral tone with floral or simple pattern fabrics. Be creative with a pattern like combine stripes border with floral seating. And if you own other types of furniture like rattan wicker furniture or metal furniture, bring cottage style to your home through pillows.


Simple rustic accessories

Simple rustic accessories

Simple is the best. Don’t overwhelm your home with accessories. Bring in a traditional cottage style with rustic accessories. Some recommendations are wood or wicker accessories to bring natural elements to your home. You can easily find these tiny touches on local stores or patio furniture suppliers.

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