9 Outdoor Features for Expanding Your Outdoor Time

9 Garden Features for Expanding Your Outdoor Time

Though party season might pass, don’t let anything stop you from enjoying outdoor gatherings, parties or even a simple meet-up. You can easily expand your outdoor time throughout the year by refreshing your patios with some simple garden touches. Let’s see what these 9 outdoor features can do to make your stay last longer from season to season.

9 Garden Features for Expanding Your Outdoor Time

9 Garden Features for Expanding Your Outdoor Time

Fire it up

Fire features extent outdoor time

Fire features extent patio time

One simple way to increase your outdoor time is to install a heat source near lounging spot. The fire can keep the cold winter wind away and act as a gathering place for you and your guests. Enjoy a hot drink or S’mores together on a windy night. There are several ways to add fire to your patio including a fire pit, patio fireplace or garden heater.

Light up the garden spaces

Mesmerizing outdoor light elements

Mesmerizing garden light elements

You can add more light sources to shine your outdoor patio, especially in fall when the night comes sooner. Lighting from a string of lights, ground spotlights or garden lanterns are the common choices.

All weather furniture

Synthetic wicker furniture are attractive outdoor features

Synthetic wicker furniture are attractive deck features

Nothing more relaxed than enjoying your stay from spring to winter on cozy weatherproof furniture. Teak, powder-coated steel, and synthetic wicker furniture are the best options. Their trait of withstanding any weather conditions make them perfect for garden enjoying through all seasons. If it’s heavy rain or snow, remember to cover them and bring pillows inside.

Outdoor grill

Outdoor grill can expand your outdoor time

Garden grill can expand your outdoor time

Barbecue parties can be in any seasons. The easiest gathering occasion is when people come for grilled dishes. Also, a romantic dine out for two can be perfect if you cook for your beloved one under the stars.

Patio hot tub

Garden water features for longer outdoor time

Garden water features for longer outdoor time

The comfortable hot water can relieve your stress all year, especially during the low-temperature season. You can go for a self-enjoying or a night tub party. Soak your body in the hot liquid and let it guide you to a home paradise right on your patio.

Add fun elements

Bring in fun activies

Bring in fun activies

The outdoor spaces are always free for any entertaining ideas. You can bring indoor fun activities outside such as party gaming or watch movies. You can throw a party that occurs in both in and out of your house. Remember to decorate them to match with the party theme.

Cozy features

Cozy outdoor features

Cozy balcony features

Heat and lighting sources should already hold your stay, but you can add more feeling of coziness, literally. Create a cozy and warm lounging area by putting pillows or blankets and share them with your friends or your other half. Together, through the year, enjoy the spectacular night view with hot chocolate and a beautiful ballad.

Outdoor gardening

Outdoor gardening features

Outdoor gardening features

A green garden on your patio, your porch or your deck can be a season-round attractiveness. You will want to spend more time do gardening outside and enjoy the cozy and refreshing garden space.

Patio roof

Outdoor furniture under patio roof

Outdoor furniture under patio roof

A roof will cover your head when you enjoy your stay outside under the hot sun or cold rain. It can also protect your outdoor furniture and extend your lounging time throughout the year.

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