But first of all what are all weather outdoor furniture suppliers

3 Basic Questions To Ask At All Weather Outdoor Furniture Suppliers

Those are individual or firms that provide all weather outdoor furniture furnishings for homes and businesses. The furniture has recently gained attention from outdoor lovers and business owners. People are looking for chairs that can withstand the harshness of outside natural weather. That’s why these suppliers appear to satisfy the growing demands. But to choose a good one that is what you want, need and love is uneasy. So when looking for your next pieces, remember to ask the providers these 3 basic questions.

What are the specialized materials that all weather outdoor furniture suppliers used?

First thing first, you have to consider the specialized materials. Not all materials are the same in term of style and durability. Knowing the basic of what makes the chair is the best way to avoid picking the wrong, low-quality one. Most providers will let you know the essential information. For example, what makes the inner frame of the chairs, the type of rattan (in wicker patio furniture), the wood (in wooden part such as tables, chairs or loveseats), or the outdoor  specialized fabrics they used.

You should consider the materials that all weather furniture suppliers used carefully

You should consider the materials that all weather furniture suppliers used carefully

Among all weather outdoor furniture suppliers, ATC Outdoor Wicker Furniture Manufacturer is one of the experienced factories in Asia. The specialized materials in any piece of high-quality balcony furniture are weather counter. The powder coated aluminum frame, the synthetic rattan wicker, the high-class teak wood, and the famous Sunbrella fabric create the best weather resistant combination.

Is customization available? Any additional cost?

This question is also necessary to ask if you want something new, unique and different from others. Customization is usually available in a manufacturer or a factory. Yet many all weather outdoor furniture suppliers give you the opportunity to adjust the size or change the colors of balcony furniture. This option doesn’t affect the durability of all weather furniture. Also, you should consider the additional fee when customizing a product. There are always expenses for extending the length, width or height. Changing colors is mostly free of charge but you should also ask beforehand.

Color changing of a patio sofa set

Color changing of a patio sofa set

Though there are many designs available, ATC Wicker Furniture Factory still allows customization of current products. You can freely adjust the size of chairs and tables to your desired dimension. Moreover, the color and style of rattan or fabric are changeable for any creative ideas. With this free customizing option, you can have your own chairs, tables, or any items you like.

How long does it take to receive the furniture at your place?

Due to the fact that not all item is in stock, what you should ask at all weather patio furniture suppliers is the estimated production time for making your order. The duration based on the quantity and difficulty of the patio furniture. Having this information helps you schedule the time for renovating your home or any furnishing projects you are working with.

Some complex products can take much time to finish

Some complex products can take much time to finish

There is no exact same duration of making furniture as it depends on the quantity, difficulty, season or other aspects. However, ATC Outdoor Rattan Furniture Manufacturer always tries the best to create high-quality and affordable patio furniture in the most reasonable production time.

There still a lot of detailed things to ask all weather outdoor furniture suppliers beforehand to own the best products. Yet everything starts from the basic. Next time when shopping for sofa sets, dining sets or just a simple swing chair, you can use these. With those simple questions to ask, ATC hopes you can pick a weather resistant home furnishing for yourself easier in the future. Or you can start now with a quick view of our patio outdoor furniture.

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