Ways to identify the best patio furniture products to avoid losing money unjustly
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Ways To Identify The Best Patio Furniture Products

The market for the best patio furniture is becoming more and more exciting, making an important contribution to creating a garden landscape and a highlight in every home. There are many patio furniture suppliers on the market today.

Today's home garden trends

Today’s home garden trends

In particular, with the trend of garden houses – architectural styles that bring many popular impressions. It is easily seen that there are enormous styles, designs and materials that make up outdoor furniture. However, it is inevitable that manufacturers provide poor quality products. In the following are signs and ways to identify high-end outdoor furniture.


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Signs that the product is of poor quality

Signs that the product is of poor quality

Signs that the product is of poor quality

After the product has been outdoors for a short period of about 3 to 6 months, patio furniture products will begin to show the following symptoms that indicate the product is of poor quality:

  • For products made from natural water hyacinth: if the hyacinth fibers are not treated carefully, after a short time, the hyacinth fibers will be dark, moldy, smelly, …
  • The product frame is made of iron: the paint coating will peel off, rust will appear on the frame
  • Outdoor furniture is made of wood: poor quality wood will have a less natural color, the wood grain is not eye-catching. After a short period of time, cracks will appear. The table top will appear warped due to poor workmanship, unreasonable size layout.
  • For products weaved from poly rattan yarns: low weave density, unstable texture. The weaving joints are handled poorly, not meticulously, carefully.
  • Cushion fabric, decorative pillow fabric: when we use it, it is easy to feel the surface of the dry fabric, causing us to feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Poor quality fabrics will easily ruffle, stain and fade easily.
The poor quality

The poor quality

Features of the quality furniture

Due to the difference in product use environment, the best patio furniture should have good resistance characteristics to extreme weather conditions such as high humidity, rain or direct sunlight. For the best patio furniture, in addition to the material of the product, the process and stages that make up the parts of the product are the decisive factors for producing high-quality products suitable for the outdoor environment. All parts down to the smallest details are made from high-quality materials and the process of creating the product will create the value and difference of high-end outdoor furniture products compared to other products. common products.

Features of the quality furniture

Features of the quality furniture

Ways to identify the best patio furniture

Interior products used in outdoor environments will have high requirements. Some ways to help consumers choose the right quality outdoor products for the weather and environment.

  • For the need to use water hyacinth, natural rattan fibers, to prolong the shelf life, these fibers need to undergo a rigorous processing process, from selection, drying, painting to PU paint. If these stages are not handled carefully, the product will easily become moldy and smelly when outdoors in rainy and windy weather. It is difficult for consumers to check whether the product has been carefully processed. Only after a short period of use can we come to a conclusion.
  • The product line of poly rattan furniture products will be able to withstand rain and wind, they have great durability because they contain UV active ingredients found in poly rattan.
  • The density of wicker will create a strong structure and durability of the product.
  • The product frame is made of electrostatic aluminum which will make it easier to move the product and will not rust after a long time of use.
    Quality product illustrations

    Quality product illustrations

  • For wooden frames, wooden table tops: need to use specialized wood and need to be treated against termites and molds. With the advantages of Melaleuca or teak wood, it will be a right choice for the best patio furniture.
  • Pillows need to reach the standard thickness, providing the user with the most comfortable experience. Pillowcase covers need to be sewn with outdoor fabric, water-repellent, limiting dirt to make cleaning and maintaining outdoor products easier.
outdoor balcony lounge set

outdoor balcony lounge set

Quality patio furniture will bring durable beauty over time and safety for users. With a variety of models, designs, materials and different prices of outdoor furniture products. ATC hopes that the above experiences and practical sharing will help consumers choose for themselves best patio garden furniture sets, worth the money for every homeowner’s garden landscape.

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