water hyacinth material

Water hyacinth – a unique material in Vietnam rattan furniture

Water Hyacinth is a lush green water plant that grows extremely thickly in tropical waterways in Vietnam. Once dried, it becomes a durable material for weaving. For a long time, people have used this sustainable raw material to create beautiful bags and accessories in support of community development. This material has contributed to the abundance in vietnam rattan furniture. At ATC Patio Furniture Manufacturer, we have provided a wide range of indoor furniture made from this unique material.

Using water hyacinth makes Vietnam rattan furniture be eco-friendly

Solid wood furniture making affects the environment much by cutting down trees as main material. By discovering new material – water hyacinth, Vietnam rattan suppliers have reduced the use of wood in contribution to the environmental improvement

Vietnam rattan furniture - Water hyacinth sofa set

Water hyacinth sofa set

Furthermore, water hyacinth grows rapidly and densely so it might clog waterways, canals and rivers. As a consequence, it will cause floods and other related environmental concerns.

Therefore, by harvesting water hyacinth, drying and then weaving them into Vietnam rattan wicker furniture, ATC Water Hyacinth Furniture supported the environment considerably.

The way of treatment is complex and hard to copy

To make Vietnam rattan furniture from water hyacinth, you need intensive processing from raw material to mold clearance and polishing.  First, craftsmen in Vietnam rattan furniture factory use brushes to clean and remove dirt on surface. Then, they dry the furniture under strong sunlight for at least 4 hours to make sure it is dried and flexible enough to be weaved. After sunlight exposure, this material experienced treatment with mold resistance substance. At last, craftsmen painted and polished this poly rattan furniture to make the required colors and get it shone.

Especially, due to the nature of the material, the only way to create such elaborate products is by hand. It requires the craftsmanship of the weaver as they trim off the stalks and adjust each piece to fit in a perfect way. It means that producing a Vietnam rattan furniture set from water hyacinth requires more efforts from the craftsmen than from other kind of materials.

The dream style of design

Water hyacinth is similar to natural rattan but much softer. This quality makes it easy to mold into different furniture shapes and accessories. Also, it can be woven into the traditional Vietnam rattan furniture or a modern one with contemporary feelings

water hyacinth dining set - vietnam rattan furniture

Water hyacinth dining set

A true hand combined with a creative design, natural beauty of water hyacinth, it will create a wonderful Vietnam rattan furniture set.

Unique fragrance arouses implicit smells and imagination

Water hyacinth has its own scent of wood that surrounded your house faintly. Once you arrive your house after work, slightly sit on a water hyacinth bed, slowly lay down, close your eyes, you can recognise this relaxed scent of nature. Not just for rest time, it looks the same as an automatic fragrance that makes your living room special.

Being a leading brand name in Vietnam rattan furniture, ATC Furniture has always innovated our products, especially ones made from water hyacinth. We believe that this kind of traditional and unique material will become a great competitive factor of Vietnam furniture industry.

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