Warranty and Repair Of Poly Rattan Furniture At ATC

Warranty & Repair Of Poly Rattan Furniture At ATC

Poly rattan furniture products after a long time of use will begin to age and appear damaged. However, it will be a waste if we leave and buy a new product. At this time, using a repair service or renewing the product will be the best option.

Warranty and poly rattan furniture repair service in ATC Furniture

Warranty and furniture repair service in ATC Furniture

Warranty and furniture repair service in ATC Furniture

With more than 16 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying furniture, besides its impressive and quality furniture products. ATC Furniture is also known for its extremely professional service of warranty, repair and renewal of furniture products and customer satisfaction. So what is the warranty and interior repair service at ATC that satisfies every customer so much? Let’s find out through the content below.

Long warranty period up to 3 years

A warranty package of up to 3 years will be included when customers choose ATC Furniture’s furniture products. In the first year, ATC will provide an on-site warranty for customers in the inner city.

Long warranty period up to 3 years

Long warranty period up to 3 years

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Products are warranted completely free of charge in the following cases:

  • The product has a technical defect.
  • The product is still in time warranty.
  • The product has not been repaired by customers or other units.
  • The product still has the ATC’s logo.

The remaining cases will be considered or charged depending on the cause and extent of the product damage.

Quick warranty handling

One of the key elements of the warranty service is the processing time. At ATC Furniture, 3 days is the time that we receive and process product warranties for customers.

In a period of 2 to 4 weeks, the warranty will be completed and delivered to customers after ATC Furniture completes warranty processing.

Correct repair procedure

With the desire to bring absolute satisfaction to customers who have trusted and selected ATC furniture products and saved the most time when receiving warranty processing. Warranted furniture products will follow a correct completely professional and clear process from receiving and processing information to repairing, maintaining and handing over to customers.

Note that furniture products will not be supported by a warranty or will incur a fee if they fall into one of the following cases:

  • Usage errors: cut knitting rope, animal bites, scratches,…
  • The wear and tear during the use of the product.
  • This product is changed from the original structure because the customer arbitrarily changes it.
  • The product is out of warranty period.
  • The product is damaged or deformed under the mechanical impact caused by the user.
  • Customers change products without notifying the company.

Poly rattan furniture not manufactured by ATC Furniture will be unsupported to repair because those products may use inferior quality materials, so once damaged, the repair will be unguaranteed as expected by the customer.

Handover customer satisfaction.

With each product when sent for warranty at ATC Furniture, we will provide necessary information to customers about the solution, handling process, warranty and warranty period. The products after the warranty will be delivered to the customer’s hand and in accordance with the original repair information.

The products after the warranty will be delivered to the customer

The products after the warranty will be delivered to the customer

Handover customer satisfaction

Handover customer satisfaction

In the process of processing, product warranty, if there is any problem, we will always notify and offer the fastest and most convenient handling directions for customers. After the warranty period, ATC will continue to support and provide repair and maintenance services for interior products at extremely favourable costs.

Poly wicker furniture manufacturer ATC Furniture

ATC Furniture always puts customer satisfaction and product quality first. Coming to us, not only customers will be able to choose for themselves the very quality furniture products that are suitable for their needs. But customers also will experience firsthand ATC furniture products, knowledge of more about furniture products information, guidance as well as the most dedicated advice.

In particular, with many promotional programs taking place throughout the year, it will also be a great opportunity for customers to own quality furniture at a preferential price or extremely gifts and services from other attractions.


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