Wicker is a technique for making furniture woven from any one of a variety of cane-like materials, a generic name for the materials used in such manufacture, and a term for the items so produced. In the context of furniture, wicker is a method of weaving chair seats and other furniture either while designing new rattan chairs or in the process of wicker chair fixing. Cane wicker furniture is a type of furniture might seem like an invention of the Victorian era, but that’s just when it hit the European and American markets. In fact, rattan wicker weaving is one of the oldest methods of making wicker furniture, common all over the world for thousands of years. Modern Wicker also carries a great selection of high-quality indoor and outdoor wicker rattan furniture in a variety of styles, designs, uses, and waterproof cushion fabric color options to compliment any home decoration. Made for use in a sun room, poolside, patio, garden, balcony or indoor area.