Water hyacinth furniture is basically furniture made from water hyacinth. This a sort of plants which belongs to the family Pontederiaceae. Some normal types of water hyacinth are vivacious producers, known to twofold their populace in two weeks. When not under controlled, water hyacinth will quickly cover lakes and ponds; this drastically impacts water stream, prevents daylight from reaching local amphibian plants, and keeps the water from oxygen, frequently killing fish (or turtles). The plants additionally make a prime territory for mosquitos. Since the water hyacinths are so productive, gathering them for industrial utilize serves likewise as a method of natural control. In Vietnam, the water hyacinth’s stems are utilized as an interlacing material and a wellspring of strands. Strings of dried strands are woven or interlinked together to frame a mesh or string utilized for making decors. Dried stems are utilized for making water hyacinth furniture.