A sofa (British English, U.S. English), otherwise called a couch or settee (Canadian English and British English), is a household item to seat a few people as a seat, with armrests, that is halfway or completely upholstered, and frequently fitted with springs and custom-made pads. Despite the fact that a sofa is utilized fundamentally to seat, it might be utilized for dozing. In homes, sofas are typically found in the family room, parlor, lair, or the parlor. They are in some cases additionally found in non-private settings, for example, inns, anterooms of business workplaces, holding up rooms, and bars.

The most well-known kinds of love seats are the two-seater, some of the time alluded to as a loveseat, intended for seating two people, and the couch, which has at least two pad seats. A sectional couch, frequently just alluded to as a “sectional”, is shaped from different segments (normally two, three, and four) and for the most part incorporates no less than two pieces that join at an edge of 90 degrees or somewhat more noteworthy, used to fold over dividers or other furniture.

Different variations incorporate the divan, the blacking out lounge chair (revealing or fractional sponsored) and the canapé (a decorative three-seater). To ration space, a few couches twofold as beds as couch beds, daybeds, or futons.