Rattan (so-called rotan in Malay) is the term refer to approximately 600 types of climbing palms in the subfamily Calamoideae. Rattans are broadly utilized for making furniture. Rattans can be painted and stained like numerous different sorts of wood, so it is accessible in numerous hues, and it can be worked into various styles. Besides, the internal center can be isolated and worked into wicker.

For the most part, raw rattan is transformed into a few things that are utilized as materials in furniture making. The different types of rattan extend from a few millimeters up to 5– 7 cm in measurement. From a strand, the skin is normally peeled off, to be utilized as a weaving material. The rest of the “center” of the fiber can be utilized for different purposes in furniture making. Rattan is a decent material, predominantly on the grounds that it is lightweight, tough, appropriate for outside use, and, to a specific degree, adaptable.