Rattan wicker furniture and water hyacinth appeared for a long time in Europe and quickly spread throughout the world. Because of the fact that we are living in the age of industrialization, human has losing there natural space.

Wicker furniture materials

Therefore many people use rattan, water hyacinth furniture to look forward to get close and harmony with the nature. Moreover, using natural materials like rattan, water hyacinth, bamboo, and cane also contribute to the protection of the environment. Products used for long time can be recycled and used to made other products. That help to reduce a large amount of waste into the environment and make our planet better.

ATC water hyacinth wicker furniture - sofa set

ATC water hyacinth wicker sofa set

Thanks to the advanced technology in producing the materials, today we have synthetic poly rattan to make furniture to use outdoor such as: poly rattan sofa, poly rattan dining set, poly rattan sunbed, etc. Poly rattan products are durable, all-weather furniture, maintenance  free yet still beautiful and elegant for human life. The most striking advantage of poly rattan items is they are diverse in styles, which makes them suitable for almost every design of the house. Today ATC Furniture would like to help your understand more about some popular materials and weaving style of wicker furniture. Let’s start!

Firstly, in terms of poly rattan there are basically 3 types of synthetic poly rattan fiber, including: flat fiber, half round fiber and round fiber.

Three types of synthetic poly rattan fiber:

1.Flat fiber

Flat fiber is the fiber with flat surface which has the average thickness around 0.1mm and the width ranges from 12mm to 40mm.

The flat fiber is cheapest among 3 types of fiber and is usually used to make affordable products.

Some of our wicker furniture using flat fiber is: rattan sofa set, rattan sunbed, rattan dining set, etc.

2. Half round fiber

Half round fiber is more durable than flat fiber and a little bit more expensive then flat fiber. The average thickness half round fiber is 0.1mm and the width is around 12mm. If the wicker products has curves then using half round fiber is the best option as it’s can bend like flat fiber but more durable than flat fiber.

Some of ATC products that are made from half round fiber is

3.Round fiber

Round fiber is the most durable and most expensive one among those 3 types of poly rattan fiber. Its average diameter is 0.5mm

Let’s take a look at some beautiful poly rattan furniture items made from round fiber

Turning to the weaving styles, considering the long history of weaving tradition in Vietnam there are many different styles of weaving but only some styles are widely applied in the wicker furniture making industry, namely: single weaving, double weaving, and fox-eye weaving.

– Single weaving

– Double weaving

– Fox eyes weaving

Basically, all the outdoor products could be woven in 3 weaving types above. But depends on production cost, product characteristics, aesthetic and requirements of the customers, the manufacturer will choose the knitting style which they think will be most suitable with the product.

Besides the quality of materials, the weaving skills of craftspeople are very important to create high quality products. We are very proud of our team who always hone their skills and passionate about delivering the best products to the customers.