Poly rattan furniture summer collection

Summer Collection by ATC Wicker Furniture Vendor

Summer has arrived! Do you plan to left all of hard work behind and start a wonderful vacation on your own? Have you ever lie down on a soft sofa, plug in a headset to your phone, open a lively music and enjoy the moment flying along with the wind in your garden. Have you ever leaned on a sun lounger for a free Sunday after an hour floating around the pool, warming up under the sun shine and coating on your skin with a luxurious copper color.

Wicker summer collection bar set

Summer collection bar set

 Those have never been a dream now. If you own a spacious outdoor space with a luxury poolside and beautiful flower pots, ATC Wicker Furniture Vendor ’s sun lounger will be a great option to perfect your garden. Before settling into your home garden, this item has become an indispensable highlight of high-end resorts and hotels. Thanks to high quality materials from UV-resistance fiber to waterproof fabrics and sturdy aluminum use.

Summer poly rattan collection bar set

Summer poly rattan collection bar set

Let us take a look at what makes this product unique for domestic customers and abroad. The first special factor is the skillful craftsmen in Vietnam who have contributed all their lives to conserve the 1000-year traditional handicraft. They have day-by-day carefully weaved poly rattan furniture and gave ideas for new designs throughout the time making this kind of products. Secondly, the sturdy aluminum frame and thick cushions with moderate softness gives users maximum satisfaction. Aluminum frame is not only strong but it is also coated with the most up-to-date powder-coating technology that will helps the painting last for a long time than expected. The core of the cushion is made from kapok fruit – a natural material with best soft feelings. And the last thing, the sizes can be customized to give you a variety of choices without worrying about whether the product fits your available space or not. Feel free to be creative with ATC Wicker Furniture Vendor!

2018 summer wickercollection sun lounger

ATC Summer collection – sun lounger

Therefore, picking up your phone and getting in touch with us to easily bring home a new member in your artistic outdoor space.

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