Flores means “flowers”. Besides this meaning, Flores is also an island of the Western group of the Azores, Indonesia. Flores is the destination of those who love unspoiled beaches, volcanoes and rice fields of Asia culture. All these beautiful scenes seem to be more adorned in the warm sunshine of the tropics. Those who have ever come to this island are delighted by the relaxed and beautiful atmosphere of this region. The name “flowers” is from there as well. At first sight, Flores’s products seem to resemble Canary collection so much with Scandinavian style. Nevertheless, the different details of this product line will definitely make you enjoy. The back is designed by knitting wide flat fiber to create flexible and comfortable support. The design sympolizes the water-lily which lives directly on water with purest beauty. This is the unique wicker furniture collection owns these special design of ATC Rattan Furniture Manufacturer. Therefore, we would like to recommend this collection for our customer to differentiate their garden or outdoor site from the others .


rattan patio furniture material flat fiber
rattan patio furniture material fabric swatch
patio furniture material sunbrella
patio furniture material acacia teak wood