devon outdoor furniture wicker armchair

About The Devon Wicker Rattan Furniture Collection

This is the name of an island in the Baffin Bay of the Arctic Archipelago of Canada. Devon is famous for its nickname “Mars of the Earth” because of the high summer temperatures and no human or animal life. Reading this far, you may think Devon is a very hard place.  It’s an island on Earth but it has the same desert and hard climate that resembles the natural conditions of Mars. So, Devon seems to be an island full of harsh, mysterious but interesting elements. That’s right, ATC Rattan Furniture Manufacturer gets inspiration from this special feature to create a new generation of Outdoor Patio Furniture – slender, wildness but not fragile. That is all for this new collection. By the combination of small round fiber meteculously woven on aluminium frame, Devon Outdoor Furniture has its own attraction and is suitable for many outdoor sites from garden to poolside, beach. Simple, supple and magical, this outdoor set will breathe the life to all places you put it on.


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