bora rattan wicker furniture single sofa

Bora Bora – a small island in the Leeward Islands, France. Bora Bora is surrounded by a lagoon and a long coral reef. The island has a small area but owns a lot of beautiful beaches. Watching pictures of Bora Bora, no matter it is day or night, it is peaceful but strangely luxurious. Stretching beaches and just a few ripples are also make the scenery look wonderful. The name Bora Bora has its mean “first born” from Tahitian language. This is used for our Bora Bora collection as it possesses a simple appearance with perfectly square shape without any meticulously curved shapes. It brings everyone back to the date when they were born with purest beauty. Trying to relax by leaning backwards on Bora Bora loveseat, close your eyes and enjoy a primitive feeling as your unlimited surroundings resting place. Each items of this collection are not sophisticated but overall, this collection still bring customer a feeling of the perfection and modernity.


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