Relaxing Wood Adirondack Chair RASF-201

Adirondack Chair 77 95 95
Footrest 55 61 35

Product dimensions:

Chair: 77 x 95 x 95 (cm)
Footrest: 55 x 61 x 35 (cm)

Adirondack chair is a favourite relaxation chair for many years in many countries. This outdoor reclining chair is suitable for all ages and can be used in many different terrains and spaces. Best of all, the durability is very good with time and is very easy to clean.

With the original design, the Adirondack has a vertical backrest, the seats slide backwards and the armrests are very wide. Through the researches and revisions of ATC Furniture, Adirondack chairs, although made from wood, will not bring you pain or fatigue. On the contrary, after using it, you will feel absolute comfort and relaxation.

The wood used for the chair is used by ATC as a specialized outdoor wood, making the chair extremely durable. It also feels safe and secure to use. To increase the maximum comfort for users, ATC Furniture’s Adirondack chairs also come with footrest accessories.

The design is easily removable, so you can take the chair with you anywhere. Along with that, the leg of the chair can be firmly standing on almost any surface such as brick, cement, lawn, sandy, which will increase the flexibility of the Adirondack chair.

What people are interested in is product hygiene. With the Adirondack chair you will not have to spend overmuch time and effort cleaning the product. You just need using a little soap and water to clean it or simply use a tap to rinse it off.

All Weather Materials: Outdoor wood.

•Pieces Included: 1 Wooden Reclining Chair, 1 Footrest.

•Seating Capacity: 1.

•Durability: Water Resistant, UV Resistant, Weather Resistant.

Half round wicker and wood Material

Shipping & Delivery
ATC Furniture Manufacturer Shipping and Delivery

• Shipping term: FOB Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

• Packing: soft plastic protector inside, outside with carton paper, strong enough to protect products during transportation. Carton box packing upon request.

• 3-4 weeks from the date of completing goods, if Buyer delay receiving the goods, warehouse fee will be charged.

• Total CBM is estimated. 10% more or less in quantity and amount is acceptable.