Outdoor Wicker 2 Seat Round Table Cafe Set RADS-176

Dining Chair 55 60 80
Dining Table (Tempered glass 8mm) 60 60 75

Product dimensions:

Dining Chair: 55 x 60 x 80 (cm)
Dining Table (Tempered glass 8mm): 60 x 60 x 75 (cm)

Outdoor wicker 2 seat round table cafe set RADS-176 is a unique garden cafe set with round HDPE wicker designed by ATC Furniture.

All Weather Materials: 4mm round HDPE wicker, powder coated aluminum frame, water resistant fabric (250g), 5cm thickness cushion, piping.

• Pieces Included: 2 Dining Chair, 1 Dining Table Tempered Glass 8mm

• Seating Capacity: 2.

• Durability: Weather Resistant; Water Resistant.

Round Rattan Material Outdoor Furniture

Shipping & Delivery
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