Outdoor Garden Sofa Set From Rope And Teak Wood RASF-111 Style 2

Single Sofa 82 80 75
Triple Sofa 190 80 75
Wooden Table (Teak wood) 50 50 30

Product dimensions:

Single Sofa: 82 x 80 x 75 (cm)
Triple Sofa: 190 x 80 x 75 (cm)
Coffee Table: 50 x 50 x 30 (cm)

Extended version of “Simple Style Outdoor Sofa Set With Rope And Teak Wood RASF-111“. The “Outdoor Garden Sofa Set From Rope And Teak Wood RASF-111 Style 2″ is still designed from teak and PE rope but with expanded seating parts. This sofa is suitable for large families, or when you need more space to host friends. Thanks to the all-weather materials used to make it. This sofa set still retains the remarkable advantages of the compact version. This Sofas can be laid out in outdoor areas, withstands extreme weather conditions and retains its durability. The sofa is suitable for large outdoor spaces such as gardens, backyards or terraces.

All Weather Materials: PE Rope wicker, teak wood, powder coated aluminium frame, water resistant fabric, 10 cm thickness cushion (250 g).

•Pieces Included: 2 Single Sofa, 1 Triple Sofa, 2 Wooden Table (Teak wood).

•Seating Capacity: 5.

•Durability: Water Resistant, UV Resistant, Weather Resistant.

Outdoor Garden Sofa Set Made Of Rope And Teak Wood RASF-111 Style 2 Materials

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