Modern Hanging Chaise Lounger RAHM-018

Standing Frame (Iron Frame, KD) 110 110 195
Swing Chair Cage (Aluminum Frame) 80 160 135
Decor Pillow 40 40 15

Product dimensions:

Standing Frame: 110 x 110 x 195 (cm)
Swing Chair Cage: 80 x 160 x 135 (cm)
Decor Pillow: 40 x 40 x 15 (cm)

ATC Furniture has launched RAHM-018 poly rattan hanging chaise lounger with unique extremely impressive design. This is one of the pioneering products in the Summer-Autumn collection. Let’s dive deep into this product with us.

RAHM-018 swing chair is a perfect combination of hanging chair and sun lounger, forming a fancy hanging bed (hanging lounger chair), which is supported by the combination of durable, rust-resistant electrostatic iron frame and high-grade plastic knitting wire against UV and the harsh weather of the tropics. ATC provides a variety of colors for you to choose to fit the style of your garden. In addition, the plastic rattan swing lounger RAHM-018 also uses a 7cm thick cushion with outdoor ATC fabric that withstands high temperatures to help you stay comfortable when sitting or lying on a swing chair.

Designed as a stretched tongue makes the user can comfortably lie on the swing rather than simply sitting. Your garden will be more beautiful with the extra hanging chaise lounger RAHM-018, when you are tired of life, come back to the family garden space on the swing RAHM-018 Relaxing swinging, drinking tea and tea in the afternoon, there is nothing more poetic. Babies can also take a nap or read a story to be very comfortable. Especially, it is more appropriate to let the grandparents rest and relax on this swing every dawn with a little morning tea with a sandwich and a new newspaper will create a sense of peace for life.

With different color options ranging from poly rattan material to aluminum frames and decorative cushions, it will be easy for customers to choose the product that suits the interior space of their home. In addition, with the modern appearance, the space of the family carries the direction of the 22nd century in the future, creating a reference to the interior context of outer space – spacecraft – space.

Modern, fancy appearance makes it outstanding wherever placed, from indoor to outdoor, gardens, apartments, houses and cafes to restaurants, hotels and luxury resorts…

All Weather Materials: Poly rattan, powder coated aluminium frame, water resistant fabric, thick cushion (weighing 250g), mattress edge.

•Pieces Included: 1 Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair Cage, 1 Swing Chair Standing Frame.

•Seating Capacity: 1~2 people, maximum load of 150 kg.

•Durability: Water Resistant, anti-UV, anti-fouling.  

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