Fantastic giant apple swing chair RAHM-020

Standing Frame (Iron Frame, KD) 105 115 185
Swing Chair Cage (Aluminum Frame) 125 105 125
Decor Pillow 40 40 15

Product dimensions:

Standing Frame: 105 x 115 x 185 (cm)
Swing Chair Cage: 125 x 105 x 125 (cm)
Long Table: 40 x 40 x 15 (cm)

Your outdoor area is so monotonous? You cannot find anywhere to stop and have a rest in your garden? You desire a relaxing space for your home? You need a poly rattan giant apple swing chair in your garden RAHM-020 right away.

Shaped like a lovely big apple, the swing chair could bring you back to childhood, with the feeling of being surrounded in a warm and safe space. The egg cage is made of polyethylene flat rattan, woven on the aluminum frame, which ensure the firmness and durability. Bring the hammock such an adorable look is the white seat cushion. In accordance with egg chair, ATC structures that cushion as a spherical piece that perfectly fit the cage. Special mattress that feasibly withstand outdoor condition is combined with water-resistant fabric, covering a reliable seat place for consumers. Colorful décor pillows are ideal for those who love vivid vibe in something soft they can hug whenever they feel empty.

What a serious omission if we overlooked the standing frame, the component that keep the whole product being consistent more than whatever you can imagine. Unlike the egg frame, hammock standing frame is the result of collaborating ion materials with numerous chemical treatments. The process commences by bending the iron to have demanding structure. In the second step, the standing frame will be sprayed with electrostatic coating, which eliminates some oxidation problem when it is used in outdoor areas. Following that is covering the leg with exceptional-quality paints. All of these steps aim to create an extremely strong standing frame that serve and protect our customers at the same time.

Modern appearance combined with nature makes it exceptional notwithstanding the place of laying, from gardens, apartments, houses, cafes, etc. to restaurants, hotels and luxury resorts.

It can stand, it can wait, it can decorate, it can hug you inside whenever you need! What are you waiting for but picking it up for your garden? Here is some product information for your reference….

All Weather Materials: Poly bamboo, powder coated aluminium frame, water resistant fabric, thick cushion (weighing 250g), mattress edge.

•Pieces Included: 1 Giant Egg Swing Chair Cage, 1 Swing Chair Standing Frame.

•Seating Capacity:  2 ~ 3 people, maximum load of 250 kg.

•Durability: Water Resistant, anti-UV, anti-fouling. 

Poly bamboo wicker fiber and fabric material ATC Furniture

Shipping & Delivery
ATC Furniture Manufacturer Shipping and Delivery

• Shipping term: FOB Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

• Packing: soft plastic protector inside, outside with carton paper, strong enough to protect products during transportation. Carton box packing upon request.

• 3-4 weeks from the date of completing goods, if Buyer delay receiving the goods, warehouse fee will be charged.

• Total CBM is estimated. 10% more or less in quantity and amount is acceptable.