Among many items of the same type, the wicker sofa set is the most common one. Because the need for sofas is increasing, factories have to rapidly produce and research new designs. Mostly, people put wicker sofa set outside in balcony, porch, or patio. There are a lot of models available. In the set, owners can freely combine pieces into different groupings. All depend on the style of the house and number of regular users.

What makes the wicker sofa set?

You should care about the materials of the couches, sofas, and tables. Especially if you intend to place them outside, the materials have to be weather-resistant. Some common outdoor materials are metal, wood, and resin or poly rattan. With this in mind, ATC Patio Furniture Supplier uses HDPE rattan to make the seats. Also, we provide PU-painted wooden tables in many shapes. With these materials, owners can place these sets in any area of the house.