Wicker furniture is a popular type of furniture made by weaving strings around a frame. Wicker, generally, is the name of materials that factories use to make furniture. Those materials are strong, light and easy to bend. So the materials are good for making garden furniture.  That is why ATC Furniture Manufacturer love to use the material to produce indoor and patio furniture. People are looking for this furniture in the Asia market. The Vietnam company has been making these products for years. 

Types of wicker furniture

There are two kinds of wicker furniture: an indoor and an outdoor one. ATC Furniture Factory makes indoor wicker items from water hyacinth. It’s a common plant in The Mekong Delta. On the other hand, the string of outdoor furniture is HDPE rattan. It’s a quality poly (a type of plastic) rattan that can withstand weather like sunlight and rain. For that reason, you can place them anywhere you like.