Water resistant is the ability to waterproof or water resistance of an object or structure. It allows the object to be relatively unaffected by water, or against the intrusion of water under specified conditions. Such utensils can be used in wet environments, exposed to water without deterioration or deterioration.

In the field of furniture manufacturing, water resistant is commonly used for garden outdoor furniture set such as outdoor living room sets (outdoor sofa set, sofa lounge, sofa bed), outdoor dining tables and chairs, sunbeds or outdoor swings. These products are frequently exposed to moist air or water from the outdoor environment. Therefore, they are usually made from outdoor specialized materials such as outdoor specialized wood, water treated metal (powder coated metal), water resistant fabric, plastic or synthetic poly rattan wicker

These outdoor furniture products are resistant to extreme weather conditions of the outdoor environment. They are suitable for gardens, patios, balconies, swimming pool areas, resorts, restaurants, cafes ….