Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets Solutions For Modern Townhouses
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Outdoor Patio Furniture – Solutions For Modern Townhouses

Choosing outdoor patio furniture is never easy, especially patio furniture products for modern townhouses. The variety of designs, sizes and different quality makes it even more difficult for us to choose and use outdoor patio furniture. Understanding this difficulty, ATC Furniture introduces you to the outdoor patio furniture sets – a solution for modern townhouses.

Trends in outdoor patio furniture for modern townhouses

Mini sofa set with resin rattan wire – space saving outdoor patio furniture sets

With modern townhouses, the space often to arrange outdoor patio furniture will be relatively limited. An outdoor mini sofa set is a very suitable choice for this area.

Outdoor mini sofa set

Outdoor mini sofa set

The mini sofa set with resin rattan wire, consisting of only 2 single sofas and a compact table, will help the terrace space of the house become a place to rest, relax or chat with your loved ones. The sofa set with a unique but equally luxurious design combined with elegant colours will be an extremely impressive and attractive highlight for the house.

Relaxing Adirondack wooden chair

The relaxing Adirondack wooden chair is also an effective solution for outdoor patio furniture in modern townhouses. The Adirondack chair will give you a place to rest and relax comfortably after an extended tiring day of work.

Adirondack wooden chair - best outdoor patio furniture sets

Adirondack wooden chair – best outdoor patio furniture sets

Featuring a unique design that can be simply disassembled from wooden slats to create a chair with wide armrests, and an upright back that can stand firmly on any court surface. The Adirondack chair from ATC Furniture will have a moderate back tilt, although made entirely of wood, it will not cause pain or fatigue for the user.

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Dining table set with four resin rattan chairs

For homes with a slightly more spacious patio area, you can consider choosing a 4-seater dining set for your home. The dining table has a semi-classical design with a primarily white colour, which increases the elegance and impression of the house.

Dining set with four resin rattan chairs

Dining set with four resin rattan chairs

Hand-woven resin rattan rope creates unique and attractive patterns for the dining table. Above all, the extremely good outdoor weather and environment resistance of the resin rattan rope ensures durability over time for the dining table set.

Family double swing chair with the roof

If you want a unique break for your home’s patio space, a family swing chair is a perfect choice. The semi-classic style rattan double swing chair is equipped with a roof that both makes the space more impressive and helps you avoid direct influences from the environment.

Outdoor patio double rattan swing chair with canopy

Outdoor patio double rattan swing chair with canopy

Although it is a double design that can be used by many people at the same time, the swing chair does not take up overmuch space. The sturdy swing frame withstands a large weight to ensure absolute safety for all ages to use.

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With the above sharing, ATC Furniture hopes to help you to some extent in choosing outdoor patio furniture sets for modern townhouse space.


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