Highlands Coffee was born out of the pure passion for Vietnamese coffee. Starting with only packaged coffee business in Hanoi in 2000, they have rapidly grown and expanded into one of the most famous coffee brands in Vietnam, then constantly expanding to become a major domestic and international coffee chain since 2002.

During that expansion, HC need a trustworthy furniture supplier partner that shared their same vision and is able to meet their strict standards for furniture. ATC is proud to be chosen as long-term partner of Highlands Coffee to develop their 3rd generation coffee chain, giving visitors not just the experience of the traditional taste of coffee but also an elegant and cozy space to enjoy. This new style of Highlands Coffee stores has captured the hearts of thousands fans since its opening day.

rattan wicker furniture for coffee

 ATC synthetic wicker furniture at Highland Coffee store

So far, ATC has furnished for more than 100 stores of Highlands Coffee from the north to the south of Vietnam. Although the store space is limited due to their city central location, Highlands coffee still manage to create cozy indoor space and relaxing outdoor space for each store. In order to meet the high demand of such, the design team of ATC and Highlands Coffee has worked day and night together to create suitable wooden furniture and synthetic rattan wicker furniture items that meet the function, aesthetic and high quality standard to withstand the frequency of continuous using.

synthetic wicker furniture wooden furniture for highland coffee

Different designs of ATC synthetic wicker furniture & wooden furniture at Highland Coffee store: poly wicker sofa, poly wicker coffee set, and wooden chair.

For outdoor areas, ATC provide Highlands Coffee store with synthetic poly rattan wicker furniture, including wicker sofa set, wicker coffee chair and wicker table. All of the wicker rattan furniture are made from high quality PE fiber and have strong powder coated aluminum frame that lasts for many years. In terms of fabric, we uses dedicated outdoor fabrics that are UV resistant, water & stain resistant, and easy to care. As ATC is exporter of poly rattan wicker furniture to the world, all of ATC materials and production process meet the strict exporting standards to Europe and America.

Besides being manufacturer of synthetic rattan wicker furniture, ATC also produce natural wooden furniture. All of our solid wood has termite treatment and surface treatment with PU that guarantees longevity and beauty of natural wood. 

Let’s take a look at some ATC featured furniture items at Highlands Coffee stores.