How to make outdoor PE rattan furniture look like new
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How To Make Wicker Resin Outdoor Furniture Look Like New?

Wicker resin outdoor furniture (Resin rattan furniture) has many advantages over traditional bamboo and rattan products, such as durability, variety of types, and suitable for many spaces, such as resorts, cafes, and garden sheds. With many outstanding advantages, resin outdoor furniture products have received much attention and love from current users. However, if you know how to preserve resin outdoor furniture, it will significantly increase the product’s lifetime and maintain its colour.

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Reduce The Effect Of Temperature On Them

Although resin outdoor furniture (sofas, swings,…) made of PE rattan materials is suitable for outdoor use, direct exposure to harsh climates may cause minor damage over time. In cold weather, the PE rattan rope dries out and shrinks. The product becomes flaky and brittle in hot weather, making it easy to break.

Reduce The Effect Of Temperature On Resin Rattan Furniture

Reduce The Effect Of Temperature On Resin Rattan Furniture

The most effective way to keep your garden furniture in good condition is to cover it both during the winter and when it rains. These covers are available from many manufacturers and can fit almost any outdoor furniture. The best patio furniture covers make of PVC-backed polyester with taped seams. As this type is waterproof and breathable, it is ideal for rattan furniture and other natural materials. Using a cover saves us the effort of moving the product inside.

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Cleaning Pillows And Cushions Of Resin Outdoor Furniture

The accessories that enhance the resin outdoor furniture sets are the pillows/cushions. When in use, the pillow will inevitably be dirty and dusty. Cleaning is essential to keep all the products fresh and striking.

Cleaning Pillows And Cushions Of Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning Pillows And Cushions Of Outdoor Furniture

Many people mistakenly believe that cleansing them with their hands will make them clean. Cleaning this way is not only not clean completely but also causes the pillow to wrinkle, shrink, and get dirty. Today, technology has become more modern and has produced plastic bristles with ions that trap dust. It makes them easy to clean and makes them look like new.

Maintain Paint Color For Outdoor Furniture

Almost resin outdoor furniture will have a powder-coated cover outside. Even so, with long-term use and impact from the outside, the colour will gradually peel off and fade. Therefore, maintenance to maintain the paint finish of the products is essential.

However, before performing top-layer maintenance, you should consult with the manufacturer or supplier on what to do to avoid unnecessary risk to your equipment.

Properly Clean Resin Outdoor Furniture

When cleaning outdoor furniture, clean it properly to prevent the products from being damaged.

Properly Clean Outdoor PE Rattan Furniture

Properly Clean Outdoor PE Rattan Furniture

For outdoor table sets, you don’t need to clean them too many times. When you find the furniture is dusty, you need to wipe them gently with a damp cloth.

Never use knives or sharp objects to scrape or rub the product. It could chip or scratch the product.

For Wooden Outdoor Furniture

One of the downsides of wooden furniture is its susceptibility to mould. To prevent stains and odours, regularly remove mildew with a mild oil-based soap, such as Murphy Oil soap mixed with water. After cleaning, let your wicker dry completely before covering it to prevent mould and mildew from forming. Place wicker furniture in the sun to dry or use a fan to speed up drying time.


ATC Furniture hopes the tips above will help you keep your outdoor products looking fresh. In terms of longevity and long-term use, it also depends on regular maintenance. For maintenance, you should also consult the supplier or manufacturer to avoid unnecessary risks to your products.

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