How To Choose The Best Wicker Furniture Exporter
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How To Choose The Top Wicker Furniture Manufacturers

How to choose the top wicker furniture manufacturers these days? With the increasing trend of using handicrafts, along with the appearance of many manufacturers and traders of poly rattan furniture on the market.

Experience in choosing the top wicker furniture manufacturers

6 Criteria For Choosing Top Wicker Furniture Manufacturers

Valuable experiences to help managers and consumers choose reputable and quality rattan furniture manufacturers that ATC Furniture has summarized and briefly presented in 6 criteria.

6 criteria choosing the top wicker furniture manufacturers

Business Profile

The first criterion when conducting a supplier selection assessment is to know information about the business includes:

  • Address, contact method, business license to confirm that the business really exists.
  • It is necessary to investigate to see if the company is in the midst of a legal breach. In addition, it should be checked whether the company has violated business contracts in the past.

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Company Resources

The company’s resource criteria include:

  • The skill level and experience of the team of weavers: the ingenuity and meticulousness of the artisans are reflected in each weaving.
  • The level of creative and professional design ability of designers to create unique and beautiful product samples.
  • Resources for machinery, tools, equipment, etc. need to be adequate and secure for the production process.
  • Manufacturer’s product delivery performance. For large orders and requiring a guarantee on time, this factor is really important. A manufacturer’s financial resources will help assess whether supply may be disrupted as a result of their financial risk.

Quality Of The Product

To ensure that the manufacturer of rattan furniture will have quality, you need to pay attention to the materials that make up the product.

  • For wicker products made from poly rattan fibers, the material, features and design of the rattan fiber is an important component, which determines the success of the product.
  • The density of wicker is also a factor that creates a strong structure and durability of the product.
  • Decorative pillows and cushion covers need to choose high-quality fabrics, fabrics for outdoor use, water repellent, and limited dirt.
  • The product frames material needs to ensure bearing capacity.
  • In addition to the material of the product, the process and stages that make up the parts of the product are the decisive factors for the perfect products and the durability of the product.


Outdoor wicker Set of ATC Furniture

Outdoor sofa set ATC Furniture Company

For high-end products, all parts down to the smallest details are made from high-grade materials and the process of creating the product will create the value and difference of the product between the top wicker furniture manufacturers.

Price Policy

The price policy from the manufacturer makes an important contribution to setting the selling price, increasing competitiveness, helping the merchant to achieve the maximum ratio of revenue on investment.

Delivery Inquiry

The manufacturer needs to guarantee the agreed delivery time such as right type of goods, right quality and quantity according to the contract. These factors help evaluate the service delivery performance of the manufacturer.

Supplier Customer Service

The top wicker furniture manufacturers all have professional pre, during and post-transaction services. In case of problems arising such as defective, damaged or missing products, etc. manufacturers need to have timely support policies, complaint settlement, product availability to replace.

Quick Tips For Choosing The Best Wicker Furniture Manufacturers In Vietnam Market

In response to the needs of the market, more and more weaving manufacturers were born. In addition to the above 6 evaluation criteria, ATC suggests tips to be able to come up with the top wicker furniture manufacturers.

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  • We need to give priority to manufacturers whose factories are located in craft villages with traditional weaving and crafting traditions. Because there are numerous artisans with long experience in weaving, having skillful hands, meticulousness and also can turn weaving yarns into perfect products. And the factory area needs to be large enough to guarantee orders in large quantities.
  • Manufacturers with many years of experience will be one of the plus points for manufacturers because helping the transactions be not only convenient but also saving time and costs for both parties.
  • Regularly updating new designs according to trends and diverse products, which shows the manufacturer’s flexibility to adapt and design to create products.
  • Time to respond and resolve customer requests should be fast and timely.
  • Based on the list of partners who have cooperated with the manufacturer and how their products have been evaluated and perceived by the customer partners.

Foreign partners visit the factory ATC Furniture Company

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ATC Furniture hopes that the above experiences will help merchants and customers who prefer to use wicker furniture to gain views and choose the top wicker furniture manufacturers.


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