From a poor student to becoming an outdoor furniture vendor and stories behind

From a student to becoming an outdoor furniture vendor and stories behind

No one expected that the former outdoor furniture vendor was just a small poor student with the view that the water hyacinth was used usefully and saw the trend of using handmade crafts. future technology. The following is the story of a poor student who started his startup idea so many times he wanted to give up and ended with determination, not afraid of failure.

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History of the ATC Outdoor Furniture Vendor brand

Born and raised in An Giang river, where water hyacinth – a plant that reproduces much year round in the river area. This plant is a concern for many residents, because their proliferation clogs waterways. 

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tan – Founder of the ATC company who found that through the creative ability and skillful hands of the craftsmen, the simple duckweed has turned into extremely diverse handicraft products, beautiful and its high economic value. Seeing that opportunity, he has concentrated large capital to promote the development of water hyacinth products to the international market. 

Initially, he had a hard time convincing his parents to borrow a large amount of money. After a long time, his parents were convinced by his determination and spirit to get out of poverty.

Natural water hyacinth harvest - ATC Furniturre

Natural water hyacinth harvest – ATC Furniturre

During that period, water hyacinth products available on the market were mostly simple and small products such as baskets, trays, baskets, boxes, etc. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tan found himself a unique step, pioneering. In 2006, ATC Furniture Joint Stock Company was established with the first 3 shareholders and a team of 20 people.

After a process of testing and developing interior products from water hyacinth, the company also researches and applies poly rattan fibers to ensure all-weather resistance, durability and enhanced performance quality for the product.

ATC Furniture Company in these day

Over 16 years of establishment and development, ATC has achieved impressive results. ATC Furniture is the leading manufacturer and exporter of wicker furniture supplier Vietnam. ATC Wicker Furniture provides complete outdoor and indoor solutions with high quality products and international designs

  • Retail brand originating from Vietnam: “ATC Articus” has been exported to more than 30 countries around the world including main markets: Canada, USA, Australia, Korea,…
  • Owning one of the largest poly rattan furniture factories with an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters
  • The labour has more than 200 skilled workers with the highest level and experience of weaving skills. In particular, it has contributed to creating jobs for local people living in An Giang province.
ATC Furnture Factory's Company Profile

ATC Furnture Factory’s Company Profile

ATC has been implementing many charity programs, helping to improve some of the difficult situations. The most typical example is being the main sponsor, building a bridge to connect the two hamlets together, which has helped people feel secure and convenient to move in flooded days. In addition, ATC has made trips to distribute charity gifts (rice, cake, …) for the poor local people in the area of ​​My An commune, Cho Moi district, An Giang province.

ATC Furniture Factory distributes charity gifts event

ATC Furniture Factory distributes charity gifts event

Quality products and competitive prices in the outdoor furniture market

Currently, there are many outdoor furniture suppliers on the market. In addition, low-quality products also enter the market and are labeled as quality products with very cheap prices. But ATC – Outdoor furniture vendor has produced the best quality and best priced furniture from the factory.

ATC Furniture’s outdoor poly rattan products are suitable for decorating outdoor living rooms, gardens, patios, balconies, cafes, restaurants, hotels, luxury resorts and right at your home.

Some unique outdoor wicker furniture set

Some unique outdoor wicker furniture set

The tables and chairs, outdoor products are made entirely by hand by skillful and meticulous craftsmen, designed with a sturdy structure, helping to increase the bearing limit and ensure the durability. safe for users. All parts down to the tiniest details of this garden exterior set are made from premium outdoor materials. Good resistance to harsh weather conditions such as high humidity, rain or direct sunlight.

Try and improve the product continuously

Besides the success, ATC Furniture continuously researches and innovates to find solutions to perfect both design and quality in each product. With the introduction of a variety of models, styles, unique collections, delicate designs bring the perfect beauty to the family’s living space.

ATC Furniture's Team

ATC Furniture’s Team

ATC – Outdoor furniture vendor had trained a qualified team in creative and professional design ability to create unique and beautiful product samples. Especially, equip resources on machinery, tools and equipment fully and ensure the production process. For large orders that require a guarantee on time, ATC always ensures the correct completion.

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ATC hopes that with the above startup story of the former outdoor furniture vendor, it will give readers a better understanding of the formation of ATC and motivate the entrepreneurial spirit of many young people who are cherishing their plans and ambitions.

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