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When it comes to furniture for office rooms, perhaps what firstly sparks in many of us’s minds are long wooden desks. On those desks, there are a lot of computers, laptops and other stationery. Besides, spinning chair is also another familiar piece of furniture in tradtional office. However, such a way to furnish your office appears to be a little bit “old fashioned” at the moment. Recent years have witnessed a new trend in office furniture. Nowadays, working space is not just a place for people to gather, have meetings and do their paperwork. It now has to stimulate or encourage creativity, therefore boosting productivity. And modern stylish office furniture plays a key role in creating perfect working area. If you are looking for an idea to turn your old space into a modern and unique office, do not worry! Below are some worth – noticing suggestions from ATC High End Office Furniture for you to check out:

Stylish modern office furniture comes from unique materials

Wooden desk, as being mentioned above, is a very familiar item in almost every office room. Its combination with spinning chair might be too old fashioned and boring. However, some small tips below can help you make a big change in the office:  

Firstly, we should be aware that wooden desk is still one of the best choices for office furniture. This is because wood, a widely used material, has been proved to be very strong and durable. Wooden surface, which is treated to be flat and smooth, can be convenient for people to use. Such a type of material is often used by many to make elegant and luxurious pieces of furniture. This is a good point because most people tend to furnish their office that way.

office furniture set made from unique materials : powder coated aluminum frame and titan

office furniture set made from unique materials : powder coated aluminum frame and titan

But how to make a working space modern and stylish, so that office workers can feel like they have more energy to do their job? The answer goes to office chairs. Wood is a popular material and wooden table can be mixed with different types of chairs. Each kind of chairs will bring different feeling to users. However, which is the best choice? 

Our suggestion for Stylish Modern Office Furniture is the furniture set combined between wooden desk and chairs made from a brand new revoluntionary material: TITAN

TITAN is a mixture of foam and plastic. It has many advantages such as soft and pleasant. Therefore, office staffs, who have to sit around 8 hours a day – can feel very comfortable. Besides, while traditional chairs – which is made of simili material – can make seaters feel hot and unpleased, TITAN will not let you feel inconvenient. Because this material is very lightweight, soft and more importantly, well designed.

With a view to bringing highest quality office furniture to our customers, ATC High End Office Furniture Supplier team has been always working on innovations. Materials are one of our top concerns, so we always search for and make the most suitable ones. Office chairs made of TITAN is ATC Wicker Furniture Supplier‘s exclusive and one of a kind design. With such stylish modern office furniture like this, we believe that it can suit your working space very well!

Stylish Modern Office Furniture can turn your office into a professional yet comfortable space

Another suggestion of ATC Stylish Modern Office Furniture Supplier is nice colours. Generally, people tend to use mono tones such as grey, brown or other neutral colours. This is because they can help create sense of professionalism and luxury in the office. However, for modern office like nowadays, neutral colours seem to be no longer trendy and suitable. As many of white collar workers these days need to get the inspiration from their surrounding area, we need something more special. To bring new energy to your office, impressive light colous can be good choice.

wicker modern office furniture not only a desk by ATC Furniture

wicker modern office furniture not only a desk by ATC Furniture

For Stylish Modern Office Furniture, you can go for some light tones similar to Living Coral. The colour is voted to be Colour of the year 2019 by Pantone.

Living Coral and other similar light tones can create feeling of fresh, creative and energetic. Exciting ideas can also be inspired from here.

However, it also has a minus. Dirts and dust can be more easily recognized on light colours, even in indoor working environment. Besides, using too much light and impressive colours can make the space look messy. Our advice is to apply on small little items like decor pillows only. That way, you can both have a modern stylish office furniture and boosting everyone’s productivity.

Do not forget that you can also get more useful advice and suggestions from ATC High End Office Furniture Supplier personally. All you need to do is to contact us. Our consultant and design team will work our best to reply you within 2 working days and provide the best solutions to your office!

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