Cooperation On Apartment Furniture Supply to Sunwah Pearl
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Cooperation on Apartment Furniture Supply to Sunwah Pearl

The aim is to enhance the lives of residents at Sunwah Pearl and bring traditional and cultural values to every home. ATC Furniture has cooperated with Sunwah Pearl to create an apartment furniture supply program. The program introduces the community of Sunwah Pearl to luxury furniture products such as sofas, dining tables, swings, etc.

Cooperation On Apartment Furniture Supply to Sunwah Pearl

Cooperation On Apartment Furniture Supply to Sunwah Pearl

Cooperation on apartment furniture supply to Sunwah Pearl program:

Special gift voucher for Sunwah Pearl residents.

1000 gift voucher valued 30% discount on the total invoice amount with outdoor/indoor furniture at ATC Furniture for Sunwah Pearl residents only.

Sunwah Pearl resident card is required.

Program information:

  • Customers provide vouchers when purchasing at ATC Furniture to get a discount.
  • Discount 30% on the total invoice amount.
  • Applied for direct purchase at the showroom or via the website:
  • Each voucher is only applied for 1 invoice, does not stack.
  • Voucher value is not converted into cash or currency.
  • Voucher preference is valid until 30/11/2020.
  • This preference does not stack with other promotion programs.
  • Delivery can only be to Sunwah Pearl.

ATC Furniture is a manufacturer and supplier of high-class outdoor/indoor furniture products. ATC Furniture fully meets the needs of indoor and outdoor space decoration with high-quality products with international design standards. Especially, customers can adjust the design of products that available at ATC Furniture to suit their preferences and relaxation needs. If you are interested in creating new designs for products, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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