Asian furniture exporters lead the furniture market today
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Asian Furniture Exporters Lead The Furniture Market Today

Currently, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines are fast-growing Southeast Asian furniture exporters with two-thirds of their production capacity prioritized for export.

As proof of this statement, Mr. Emmanuel Padiernos, Chairman of AFIC said that in terms of furniture exports alone, the export figures of the whole ASEAN in 2018 reached 12.1 billion dollars out of the total export value of 150 billion dollars of the world.

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Why look for Asian furniture exporters for furniture consumption?

With available and outstanding advantages, along with long-term production experience of furniture exporting countries in ASEAN region. Most of the major interior design projects in the world about interior products are from Asian furniture exporters

Some of the reasons why Asian furniture exporters are known as “The world’s furniture production center”


The world's furniture production center

The world’s furniture production center


  • The advantage of geographical location: Being a bridge between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, the Eurasian continent and Australia. It is an important and convenient gateway for international trade.
  • Human resources: In ASEAN, we gather skilled and experienced artisans from skillful and meticulous teams of carpenters and weavers. Artistic interior products can only come from human hands.
  • Abundant source of raw materials: Thanks to the climate and natural features of the ASEAN land, they have an abundant source of raw materials to create wooden furniture and handicraft products. (hyacinth, rattan, bamboo, cork)
  • In ASEAN, there is an outstanding strength that is that it gathers many traditional weaving villages with a long history to create beautiful and sophisticated products.

The required strengths of furniture exporters

The following are 5 elements of materials, production, design, brand and trade.

The required strengths of furniture exporters

The required strengths of furniture exporters

1.Abundant source of raw materials

Exporters from places with abundant raw materials will help ensure adequate input sources, and product prices will be somewhat more competitive than manufacturers who import raw materials. Besides, it will contribute to improving productivity, increasing output and promptly meeting the needs of the market.

2.Production experience

Manufacturers have many years of experience, they have optimal processes, management and production capacity, transactions are conducted smoothly, saving time and costs for the parties.

To get the above experience they had to trade a lot of time and money. Therefore, the manufacturers having valuable experience will easily be able to receive production contracts.

3.Creative, unique and professional design

With constantly changing trends and high requirements for diversity, designs, designs and styles of each project, etc. It requires creative, unique and professional design capabilities of the home. produced to meet today’s consumer demand.

Creative unique and professional design

Creative unique and professional design

4.Brand awareness

The communication activities of the enterprise, together with the prestige in the process of business and trade cooperation will be the strength of the furniture exporter. The order values ​​of exported furniture are often very large, so the exporter’s brand will contribute to their success with foreign partners.

5.Commercial ability

The ability to provide services and goods is one of the important factors to contribute to becoming the strength of any export business. To have this ability, it is required that the exporter has full resources for trading, including the ability to supply goods according to standards, product quality, price policy, experience in exporting, experience in dealing with arising problems, etc.

About the furniture export market in Vietnam

Vietnam is a potential producer country and is currently leading in Southeast Asia in terms of export turnover of wood and wood products, second in Asia and fifth globally. As for the growth rate of Vietnam’s handicrafts trade turnover averaged 9.5%/year, currently reaching 2.2 billion USD/year. The countries that consume the most Vietnamese furniture include the US, Japan, China, Korea, UK, Germany, etc. 

It is forecasted that in 2022, the global economy will gradually recover growth after the Covid-19 pandemic, the consumption of goods will increase, and Vietnam’s exports of furniture and handicrafts will achieve a growth rate of over 20% in 2022.

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ATC Furniture company one of outdoor furniture exporters in Vietnam

ATC Furniture company one of outdoor furniture exporters in Vietnam

As one of the manufacturers of the top ASIAN furniture exporters, ATC Furniture is always proud to be a leading manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting outdoor poly rattan furniture with a team of skilled workers who is selected in a craft village with a tradition of handicraft making in Vietnam.

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