Solve space problem by choosing furniture for apartment

Apartment: Solve space problem by choosing furniture for apartment.

Decorating or choosing furniture for a house is hard but it’s even harder when you choose furniture for apartment. Because for apartments in general, space problem is the most difficult if you don’t want to say it’s the key point of interior design for an apartment. Many apartments don’t have enough of space for the owner even the bigger will get the same problem. Cause apartments are often built according to the design of investor, meant your house will be separate by investor. So, the owner might feel they don’t have enough of space for their living room or their dining room instead they feel the kitchen or their bedroom might be too much.

So, here are 5 tips that might help you to deal with this.

Choose furniture for apartment, choose furniture fit for space.

When you have problems with space, the best way to deal with it is to find a way to save it. And the best way to save is optimize. Try to use all the space you have by choose furniture which fit with that space.

Wicker furniture for apartment RASF-149

Wicker furniture for apartment RASF-149

For example, if you have 3 meters living room wall, you better choose a sofa set to fit with it. Optimize that space, choose the comfiest sofa set which fits with your wall. Don’t waste any centimeters and should not exceed that 3 meter limit. So, it means you should go full throttle with a large sectional that hugs the walls.


If your apartment is the small one, you better simplify or cut off what you don’t really need. Furniture for apartment need to consider carefully and keep it simple as possible.

For example, you can use a kitchen island to replace for dining table for saving space.

Divide your apartment by a rug or curtain.

A few apartments are added partition for separate dining or kitchen area. But if you use wall or drywall it will take a lot of spaces of your house. So, our suggestion is try to make the open space for your apartment by using rug or curtain. It will help your apartment be airier and more flexibility.

Divided room by curtain

Divided room by curtain

Clear hallway.

A clear hallway absolutely makes your apartment be airy and breathable. And maybe sometimes it could make your house look bigger.

Bright and airy hallway

Bright and airy hallway

Bright colors.

Choose bright colors are one of many ways to make your apartment look larger. Neutral colors can be one of useful suggestions. And not to be worry if you think neutral or bright color will make your house be boring. Cause with background like that, you can add furniture with any colors you like. Like this suggestion below.

The last one is not a tip but this is a suggestion for you if you want to find furniture. ATC provide wicker furniture for apartment that will be fit to yours. And if you want to find new interior style for your apartment, wicker furniture will be the one that can help you do that.

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